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Lucid's Talent Takeover

Lucid Motors is Taking Talent from Tesla, Apple and other major Technology and Automotive companies. This should bode well for $LCID stock and position Lucid Motors as the top Tesla Rival in the entire world.

Lucid Motors has assembled an amazing management team that makes them a prime candidate to be a leader in the Electric Vehicle space for a long time. Lucid has chosen quality over quantity when they picked their candidates to fill positions and many of the Lucid team has a background at other Automotive powerhouses and in Technology.

Getting to Know the Lucid Team

We will start at the top with CEO Peter Rawlinson, who was a former Tesla employee and the Tesla Model S Chief Engineer. Do not have Elon Musk's false claims about Peter Rawlinson cloud your judgment, he was indeed the Chief engineer of the Model S. Some of Elon Musk's supporters even left Elon Musk’s corner because of the way he would downplay employees achievements. Chief Financial Officer Sherry House was the Treasurer and Head of investors Relations at Waymo, Google’s autonomous driving company. Sherry House brings along over a decade worth of expertise in Automotive OEM Technology. She also has worked for General Motors. Lucid Motors Senior Vice President of Design is Derek Jenkins, who is a former Mazda, Volkswagen and Audi employee. At Mazda he was the lead designer for many of the Mazda vehicles. Derek Jenkins also spent 9 years at Volkswagen as Chief Designer and 8 years at Audi as Lead Exterior Designer.

Taking Teslas Talent

Lucid Motors has some major talent working for the company that will help them succeed in a multitude of ways. Lucid has taken a very smart approach to take the best talent in the world, and put those employees in a position to flourish. Eric Bach is next up on the Lucid list. He was an intrical part of the Tesla Model S, Model 3 and Model X programs.

Lucid has continued to poach former disgruntled employees from Tesla based on Elon Musk's consistent over promises and under performance. Another former Tesla employee is Jonathan Butler who is the VP of General Counsel in charge of all Lucid’s legal policy functions. Therefore, if you think Lucid Motors will have an issue complying with the SEC and in other legal battles, I should remind you that Mr. Butler had to deal with Elon Musk and his antics for 8 years. Elon Musk was never the most traditional CEO. Lucid Motors is very happy to have Jonathan Butler on board.

May the answer to a Potential Apple Partnership be right in front of us?

Next up is Michael Bell, a former Chief Technology Officer at Rivian and a 16 year employee at Apple. He helped create the development of the Iphone, IMac and Apple TV Products amongst other Apple creations. Lucid Motors has long been rumored to have a potential partnership with Apple and I will touch a little more on that in my upcoming article that will be published this week. Michael Bell is just another piece to the puzzle, that could see a potential licensing agreement for Lucid and Apple to team up. At Lucid, Michael Bell is responsible for Software Development, ADAS, as well as IT. With that said, it is important to look at all of this talent and think that Lucid could be the next big automanufactor, well institutions and insiders also believe this to be true.

As major car manufacturers continue to lose talent, Lucid continues to pick up unbelievable pieces that will help them become a Automotive and Tech Giant. Another former Apple employee for over 15 years is Margaret Burgraff, who is now the VP of Software Validation. Margaret spent over 15 years at Apple and 6 years at Intel. She helped launch the first generation iMac and was responsible for the role of Senior Quality Manager for Apple.

Lucid Motors has taken some major talent from Apple, and that will ultimately bode well for the company in the next coming years. Experience for a startup is everything and Lucid has big plans to iron out all of the early mistakes that Tesla and other Automotive companies have made. The Lucid team will make their success that much easier and hopefully ensure that this team stays at the top of the Electric Vehicle food chain for years to come.

My Final Thoughts

Lucid Motors does not operate as a start up company. The employees and investors know how special this company is and that is why it was so easy to gain all of this talent from Lucid's competitors. They are building a Technology company that happens to make Electric Vehicles. This will help take Lucid Motors to the automotive promise land, which will ultimately lead to a huge Market Capitalization and happy early investors.

Lucid has the team and now they need to build a brand, which is one thing that former Apple and Tesla employees know how to do. I absolutely love this team and so do many knowledgeable investors. The talent does not stop at the people on this list, Lucid has a ton of employees with Automotive and Technology experience. However, I do not want to overload you, the reader.

If there's one thing I want the reader to take from this article is that, this is not the first time many of the Lucid Motors employees have created a brand and a car. Lucid is in a prime position to succeed for the long haul and that is because of the talent that they have surrounded themselves with.

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Image: Courtesy of Lucid Media.

Anthony Donati focuses on electric vehicles and renewable energy companies. He covers Lucid Motors news at Torque News. Please follow him on Twitter at @TheLucidVerse for daily Lucid Motors news. He has a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. DISCLAIMER: Anthony is a Lucid Motors (LCID) stock holder.


G Kazi (not verified)    January 13, 2022 - 7:36AM

I am pretty confident about Lucid Motors and definitely like to see in a very near future lucid motors surpass Tesla. I definitely do not like Tesla taking over total market share and lot of bragging over their models. How ever my bet is on Lucid and I am very confident about Lucid's future to rise over Tesla and rest of the EV Market.

Nikolai (not verified)    January 14, 2022 - 3:42AM

love the company and the team. my bet is also on Lucid, and it clearly makes sense we have another top dog in the EV space that will raise in the next years and make the world a better place

OZA (not verified)    January 14, 2022 - 2:28PM

This reads like a typical Lucid puff piece, long on waffle about the provenance of the various high level employees but short on actual details about the company and its path to success.