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Here Is What Makes Lucid Airs Interior Special

Lucid Motors has created such an amazing vehicle from the exterior to the interior. With features such as Amazon Alexa, Retractable Pilot Panel display and much more! $LCID shareholders should be happy about this

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The hardware that Lucid has implemented into the 34-inch 5k display is positioned perfectly for utilization and user experience. The screen is broken down into 3 sections. On the left, it displays the main vehicle controls such as, Climate, Wipers, lighting, features that the driver needs and are least important to the passengers.

In the middle of the screen, that is where the speedometer, battery range, since last charged information, miles driven and the signature Lucid Air logo is positioned. This screen is perfectly placed to allow drivers a quick glance to find out how fast you are driving. Although with the Lucid Air having such a smooth driving experience and impeccable speeds, you may need this feature more than you think.

On the right side of the massive 34-inch 5k display, the fun features are now implemented for the driver to share with their passengers. Users can choose what they see on this screen in the settings, but this is where users can customize their vehicles and really make their Lucid Air their own. This screen's information that is displayed can also be swiped down to the “Pilot Panel”.

Pilot Panel

The Lucid team decided to call this very great piece of hardware the “Pilot Panel”, which is where you can find more climate features for passengers, settings, massaging seat settings, and a plethora of other features. This screen is also retractable if you want a more simplistic look. This screen is one of my favorite parts about the Lucid Airs interior. It is a remarkable idea that helps both the driver and passenger immensely, and really shows the luxury of the hardware and technology that has been designed into this vehicle.

Lucid InteriorLucid Motors has Implemented Amazon Alexa

If we take a look at the Lucid Airs steering wheel, we will see two buttons that can launch the Alexa voice assistant. The Alexa voice assistant can help the driver in a multitude of ways, by showing the driver directly where a warning is by voice location notifications. With 32 sensors, LiDAR and some other cool technology, Lucid can give warnings to drivers to show exactly which direction the warning is coming from.

This is a subtle feature that gets overlooked, but it is one of the reasons that Lucid Airs are so highly touted even at the hefty price tag. The team of designers really do think of everything to make the best vehicle we have seen from the exterior and interior.

One of the questions that I get a lot is, how can Lucid partner with Apple when Lucid already works with Amazon. Amazon has tried to put investments in many electric vehicle companies that are helping the industry, like self-driving technology start-up Zoox, and companies like Rivian and Stellantis. Amazon has tried to put many investments in the electric vehicle industry because they understand that this industry has a huge total addressable market that could reach over $1 Trillion by just 2030. With that said, Lucid will be able to sign partnerships with whoever they want because the only agreement they have with Amazon is to use Alexa.

Dolby Atmos 21-speaker Surreal Sound System

Lucid Airs interior gets even more luxurious, with the first ever Dolby Atmos system that was implemented into the vehicle. This is a premium experience for music and movies that users are going to never experience before. Dolby Atmos provides the Lucid Air with a multi-dimensional sound system that helps assist drivers aid, featuring “directional acoustic signaling notification warnings, and all other driver and passenger alerts” Lucid Motors. I am very impressed with this system and Lucid Air was the world's first vehicle to have this system implemented in it. I have heard rave reviews and that is just one other reason that Lucid can continue to rake in these awards.

My Thoughts on Lucid Airs Interior

The Lucid Motors team did a terrific job on the interior of the Lucid Air. The Glass cockpit, the Pilot Panel and the Dolby Atmos, make for a trifecta of luxury. I love the way Lucid implemented both technology and hardware to create such a fantastic vehicle. Lucid Motors has a ways to go with the user experience, but that will be cleaned up with each and every software update. I was truly impressed with the interior of the Lucid Air, it was a phenomenal piece of art. Great job Lucid Motors.

Anthony Donati focuses on electric vehicles and renewable energy companies. He covers Lucid Motors news at Torque News. Please follow him on Twitter at @TheLucidVerse for daily Lucid Motors news. He has a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. DISCLAIMER: Anthony is a Lucid Motors (LCID) stock holder.

Images Courtesy of Lucid Motors Gallery

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