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Lucid Names Orange Business European Connectivity Provider

The telecoms company will help Lucid develop and test connectivity based functions for European models.

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Global telecommunications company Orange Business has announced a new partnership with Lucid Motors to provide connectivity services to Lucid Air and the upcoming Lucid Gravity in European markets.

Orange Business joins ranks with AT&T in North America and stc Group in Saudi Arabia to provide Lucid's vehicles with infotainment, navigation, telematics and remote diagnostic services wherever they may roam on the continent.

The internet connection will also enable the Lucid Air's "satellite" radio functions, which actually come from streaming rather than satellites. Over-the-Air updates are another important function for Lucid's software-defined vehicles that will be provided by the connection to the Orange Business network.

Interior shot of the Lucid Air showing the Glass Cockpit and Pilot Panel screens.Navigating Red Tape & Development
In addition to providing said connectivity, Orange Business is partnering with Lucid to help the American EV manufacturer navigate the often confusing waters of European telecoms regulations. In a recent press release, Orange stated that it is "now directly integrated into Lucid’s manufacturing supply chain" and helping them "adapt connectivity test procedures for vehicles delivered into Europe."

“Lucid is not only building sleek and luxurious EVs for sustainable mobility, but they are keenly focused on delivering a premium user experience. Providing a personalized customer experience that creates value is exactly how Orange Business wants to support its customers. We are proud to have the application development, data analytics, network and integration experience, and assets to help American automotive companies like Lucid expand operations in Europe.” - Scott Williams, Senior Vice President of the Americas, Orange Business.

Image of a gold Lucid Air Dream Edition parked in front of a historic building in Munich.Lucid currently operates four Studios in Europe.

Orange Business is well positioned to assist Lucid in navigating regulatory requirements at the European and individual country levels. The telecoms giant employs over 30,000 people in 65 countries, providing connectivity, cloud services, cybersecurity and platforms to customers around the world. Orange says that it provides these services to over 3000 multinationals along with two million professionals and companies. It can now add Lucid Motors to that list.

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Images by Lucid Motors licensed by CC BY 4.0.

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