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What the future holds for Honda Civic Type-R in the United States

Now that Civic Type-R buzz has died down a bit, let’s get real. What does the future hold for Civic Type-R in the United States?

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Here at Honda-Torque News, Civic Type-R dominated our news feed for the better part of 3 years. Infact, Civic type-R is by far the #1 read Honda article of the past 4 years, as American Honda Motor Company reinvented the North America lineup.

It’s been an exciting four years as we’ve reported on the the launch of the 10th generation Honda Civic, culminating with the arrival of the manufactured in England Civic Type-R Hatchback Touring. Experiencing Civic Type-R on the track was exhilarating! But what really drove home the Civic Type-R experience for us was an extended drive to the California Redwoods, where Honda’s hot hatch turned a head or two.

Yet, there was always a nagging question hanging in the backdrop. With the realization that Civic Type-R holds a broad-demographic near universal appeal, we came to the realization that if the price was lowered a bit, and more Type-R’s were released to market, Honda could sell as many as they could build. And yes, Honda R&D has hinted to expanding the Type-R lineup. So, what does the future hold for the venerable Honda Civic Type-R?

Honda hints at an entry trim-level Civic Type-R. But why do it?

Late last year after the initial launch, and the second wave of Civic Type-R production, there was talk of expanding the Civic Type-R lineup to a lower priced entry-level Civic Type-R Hatchback. We also reported on the interview of a Tokyo based Honda engineer that didn’t dismiss the possibility of an all-wheel-drive Civic Type-R. After all, Honda does produce a handful of smart-handling all-wheel-drive sedans and compact CUVs, why not a Civic Type-R AWD ultimate performance hatchback? Short answer: They don’t have to.

Honda Civic Type-R is the quickest production FWD hatchback in its segment

In speaking with American Honda, Torque News learns that Civic Type-R production run #1 and #2 sold out in the United States within weeks of the initial launch. Future annual production targets for Civic Type-R hovers around 5,000 units or so. To put that number into perspective we look to the balance of the Honda Civic lineup. Well over 300,000 Civics of all trim levels will sell in 2018. Type-R is the rarest Civic and will remain so; specified as is.

What we anticipate for Civic Type-R in the near term

As you know, 2018 Honda Civic Type-R returns to market as a carryover from 2017. So, we don’t anticipate any “refresh” until model year 2019. Presently, you won’t find any advanced active safety features integrated into Civic Type-R. As much as we like the present track-ready Civic Type-R Touring, we do anticipate up-trim integration of standard featured Honda SENSING in 2019. These days, stability track, ABS, and EBS braking while appreciated, is not enough active safety. While reading feedback from our readers, we anticipate an uptick in interior fit and finish quality, and the mitigation of a handful of body trim, center stack, door, and hatch seal issues. Other than that?

We won’t see an all-wheel drive option for Civic Type-R. It doesn’t need it

As built, Honda engineers all but eliminated torque steer in Civic Type-R. Civic Type-R is track-steady, and road sticky. And, while SH-AWD could make Civic Type-R shoe-gum sticky, the components required to do so would make Civic Type-R heavier, and costlier. Honda will not sacrifice Civic Type-R's price point for greater traction. We won’t see all-wheel-drive in Civic Type-R’s future due to an increased cost in development and production.

We may see a bare-basic Civic Type-R kit for club racing

And yes, a bare-bones Civic Type-R club car kit racer would come to market at a lower MSRP. But, would most likely not be street legal. We look to 2018 SEMA Las Vegas for a clue or two as to Honda’s performance directive. Truthfully, with an MSRP of $34,100 plus destination, etc, as equipped, 2018 Honda Civic Type-R Touring is a performance bargain. After spending 2 weeks behind the wheel of Civic Type-R, I would.t want to cheapen the interior, reduce convenience, safety features, or toss out the stereo system -- there’s not that much more to it! I don’t believe Honda has any market incentive to change it!

What would you do to downtrim Civic Type-R? Leave your comments bellow.

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Neal Gordon (not verified)    April 14, 2018 - 5:04PM

Honda Civic Type R changesI'd like to see:
1. Offer a wing delete option and/or :"Honda provided "spoiler plugs" to plug the holes if spoiler removed by owner or dealer.
2. Full compliment of active safety technology (e,g, cross traffic alert).
3. Heated front seats and stearing wheel (not all type r's will live in sunny CA)
. .

Kenneth Perez (not verified)    April 16, 2018 - 11:09AM

Why would you want to remove the spoiler which provides downforce thereby creating a safer car at speed? All the other external componentd are functional as well...what don't want is all this automatic safety stuff thrown that takes the driving away from the driver and creates potential accidents bc they come on at the wrong time or you think there are going to come on and do nothing.

Paul (not verified)    April 29, 2018 - 8:07PM

Add volume button to the head unit or even better by the shifter like Audi does. Higher resolution displays on the instrument panel and head unit. Have a custom drive selection to control steering, suspension, throttle response instead of only 3 pre configured drive settings.

Shorin (not verified)    September 7, 2018 - 12:12AM

In reply to by Paul (not verified)

There's a hard volume up/down on the steering wheel. No need for another button.

What they do lack is a PAUSE MUSIC button on the steering wheel. When the dash is showing music info the "enter" button really ought to be "pause". It currently does NOTHING in that mode!

The drive modes could be reconfigured through the head unit. The rev-matching feature is.

The screen is high res enough. But I want a faster processor and memory for my custom apps (rooted head unit allows this).

Kenneth Perez (not verified)    May 1, 2018 - 4:06PM

There will be another stripped down model for 2019 called just the Type R as well as Type R Touring currently available. I don't believe they will offer a CVT but perhaps some changes to front and rear " black outs".

Mike (not verified)    May 4, 2018 - 6:41AM

How about increasing the production numbers for the type R so that dealers won't feel so inclined to gouge customers with such pleasure. Making additional models of the type R using the same production capacity will only make end user pricing worse. I for one refuse to pay the 7,000 or more mark-ups for a Honda Civic, regardless of it's pedigree.

Bob (not verified)    May 24, 2018 - 11:28PM

Seats are tight on the sides so some seat adjustment would work. Higher pixel quality display for sure. On mine there is a half second delay from stomping on the gas until the power fully kicks in so I'd like to see a quicker power response and a more linear power band. On the spoiler delete option comment - my opinion is the spoiler is high above the hatch making it look like a teenager's car with an aftermarket bolt on. I know you need it for down force but I'm not a fan. An alternate spoiler configuration option would have been great. I have my Type R so no need to increase production numbers as that will reduce my resale value. Search local online dealer inventories and should be able to get one for about $2000 over sticker. Desired color is a tough find for sure.

Kenneth Perez (not verified)    May 26, 2018 - 5:44AM

I find it ironic that someone who buys a car purpose built for racing complains about elements of same. The seats are bolstered to prevent driver movement, the foil to create downforce, the soft tires for grip, etc. If you want a more complacent car get the Sport Hatchback.

Jesse (not verified)    July 15, 2018 - 9:30AM

I would either like to see an Si R or a Type R variant with the detuned 2.0T found in the Accord 2.0T Sport. It should look a bit more adult and be meant for the street more than track. Tire size could be reduced to 18 or 19 instead of those very expensive 20's. To bring the price down just a bit more too maybe they could base it on an EX trim level vice touring though I really do like stand alone Navigation.

Parks McCants    July 15, 2018 - 4:47PM

Welcome Jesse. Honda has promised a broader-demographic appealing Type-R in the near future. As to what that means, we'll see. You've presented some good ideas here. Honda is reading! Take care. P.

Kenneth Perez (not verified)    July 15, 2018 - 4:56PM

Honda is expected to bring a " lower level than the current Type R Touring. However, it will not be detuned and still maintain Type R badge. Maybe pull Navi and cheapen interior to bring down price.
I agree tires should be changed but not less than 20". Rather make all season as an option AND increase aspect ratio to 35; current 30 AR along with soft sidewall is just asking for bent rims.

Kenneth Perez (not verified)    August 7, 2018 - 9:16AM

This just in from Motor Authority article with Type R breaking yet another front wheel drive record at the Hungaroring: "Honda is planning to expand the lineup with some new variants. Both a tamer version and another a more potent one are believed to be in the works."

KeithK (not verified)    January 29, 2019 - 9:53PM

Offer a 3 door hatchback version -- cut out the 2 rear doors, but keep the rear seat. Offer a model in the true spirit of the EK9 MK1. Please, please, please!

Robert (not verified)    April 4, 2019 - 5:27PM

I would make a Honda Civic Type R two door coupe, that's about 100 pounds lighter shorter slightly smaller in size same width and track for great handling. Better sounding exhaust system and the same or slight increase in power but cost slightly less say 32,000 base price or 33,000

Ken Perez (not verified)    April 5, 2019 - 7:39AM

Robert, Honda will never offer the Type R in a coupe. Why you ask? Because Honda wanted a four door hatchback race car. That said, your wishes have been answered with the purchase of the Si. Let's go through the specifications and the numbers for same, relative to the Type R:
(1) Coupe, (2) 200 lbs lighter, as opposed to your desired 100lbs and (3) smaller in size.
The difference in MSRP price is ~$10K or using your $33K you are willing to spend $~6K. With that savings you could remove the the rear mufflers to achieve a "better sounding exhaust", and get a Hondata tune to be close to Type R WHP with plenty of $ left over to upgrade the suspension to Type R performance. Your thoughts?

Brandon (not verified)    October 17, 2019 - 4:20AM

Stop producing the Type R after 2020. I own one and and sorry if it’s greedy of me but I’d like to see this be a truly rare and limited production. I’d like to see my car hold or appreciate in value like the famed Supra etc. As far as any changes, stock with a better performing and sounding exhaust. The stock exhaust note is pathetic to say the least for such a beautiful machine. Honda sensing as a standard would be nice, remote start even for the manual would be nice with a safety feature built in of course. This can’t be hard come on Honda. Get rid of the 20 inch continentals and put something AS on it stock for a longer life. I don’t track my car and my Continentals only made it 6500 miles on my 2019. Come on Honda. With this price point it’s tough to swallow these additional impractical costs.

Jim (not verified)    October 28, 2020 - 9:20PM

I agree that gouging over MSRP is Harsh, however it is a Limited Honda Vehicle and the resale remains High. My Local Honda Dealer is currently $4000 over MSRP in Type-R Dealer Installed Accessories, so you do get something for the Mark-up in Price. With Some Dealers all you get is a Kick in the Teeth for the Thousands over MSRP, Why ? Because they Can. My Deposit is in and My 2021 Type-R will arrive in 2021, and I Can Wait. Shop around at Honda Dealers across the country, you may find a good deal. I will enjoy driving my 2.0 Accord Sport with a 6-speed gear box until my Type-R arrives, and I'm already shopping for different Tires.