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Watch 10th generation Honda Civic hit the wall at 30 MPH

Unfortunately, with no fewer than 5 million auto accidents reported in the U.S annually, sooner or later, despite your best intentions, you’ll most likely find yourself involved in an auto accident. How well will your late model Civic protect you and yours in a traffic accident?

Superior overall crash safety rating: Honda’s 10th generation Civic sedan and coupe, when equipped with Honda SENSING ™, earns an IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) Top Safety pick. For lower trim levels, Civic earns good across all categories tested with the exception of headlights, where Civic scores poorly -- something that Civic shares with the majority of cars and light trucks tested by IIHS in 2017. Read our latest 2017 Honda Civic drive impressions here.

A.C.E. body structure aces partial front overlap crash test

A the core of every 10th generation Civic passively rests arguably the finest body-frame and passenger safety cage found in the compact car segment today. The main mission here is one of collision impact absorption, and rebound deflection, all in a matter of microseconds. Honda engineering accomplishes this daunting feat through advanced metallurgy, more specifically, by artfully mixing stamped high tensile steel and alloys employed at different impact zones of the frame. learn more about Honda’s A.C.E frame technology here.

It’s that compression rebound thing that saves lives and reduces debilitating injury

Watch 10th generation Honda Civic hit the wall at 30 mph. This IIHS test crash demonstrates the most common auto accident on the road today. A driver’s reactions to an impending crash generally results in a partial front end impact, as opposed to a head on collision. In the case of a rear of side collision, impact zones collapse and rebound in the trunk region of the car. In most side impact collisions, stamped door rings, and multiple airbags protect driver and passengers alike. The second leading case of auto accidents in the U.S. is texting while driving. Read more on how your older model Honda Civic rates in IIHS safety testing here.