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Segment sales leader Acura ILX returns unchanged for 2017

Looking to the numbers, Acura ILX sales are up 40% in 2016, with sales momentum expected to continue into 2017 and beyond. Hey, if it’s not broken why fix it?

2016 was a big technical, cosmetic uptic year for Acura’s entry premium sports sedan. Outside of an expanded body color pallet, segment sales leader Acura ILX returns to market unchanged for 2017.

Based on research statistics from IHS Automotive, Polk U.S. retail sales vehicle registrations, Acura’s portal ILX premium sports sedan(luxury traditional compact segment)is a preferred choice among Millennials, outselling all major brands in that segment.

Acura’s portal sedan remains on an upward sales trajectory

According to Acura:The ILX has captured a higher rate of under 35 year olds than any other vehicle in the entry-luxury sedan segment since 2010. Also, with naming Acura as the luxury brand with the lowest projected 5-year cost of ownership and voting the brand as the 2015 Best Retained Value® Luxury Brand, the ILX is a wise choice for gateway luxury vehicle customers.

An affordable entry into the world of Acura

Torque News first experienced the revamped, repowered Civic platform Acura ILX compact sedan in Napa, California and walked away for a greater appreciation of a car mostly panned by automotive critics of the day. It its core, while a bit stiff by premium car measures, Acura ILX soon became slightly addictive, I couldn't get enough of it.

Formerly underpowered by Acura standards, ILX received a serious upgrade for 2016, including an 8-speed double clutch automated manual transmission, with sequential steering wheel mounted paddle shifting, a slightly detuned Civic Si-like twin stage inducted, port injected 16 valve D.O.H.C. i-VTEC 4 cylinder gasoline engine -- producing 201 horsepower @ 6800 rpm/ 180 lb-ft torque @ 3800 rpm, much improved suspension components, amplitude reactive damping, improved sound deadening, vibration isolation, improved personal connectivity and much more.

With an estimated EPA fuel efficiency rating of MPG 25 city/35 hwy/29 combined, ILX presents an exceptional uncompromising meld of commuter meets performance car drive and ride experience for buyers wishing to participate in the Acura brand at a financially attainable level. Read my latest ILX “week in the seat” drive review here.

Available in 6 trim levels with an MSRP of $27,990 base ILX to $34,980 ILX A-SPEC, Acura ILX returns to the market as a relative tech-rich premium compact sedan relative bargain. For 2017, buyers now have 3 additional exterior color choices to choose from: Lunar Silver Metallic, Modern Steel Metallic and San Marino Red. The ILX is also available in Bellanova White Pearl, Crystal Black Pearl and Catalina Blue Pearl.