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Rumors of 2018 Odyssey Executive Rolling Office Option

Honda’s reinvented vacuum equipped minivan brings an exceptional blend of near intuitive vehicle command connectivity and measurable road performance to the ever evolving minivan vehicle segment. Yet there remains an option yet explored for 2018 Honda Odyssey, the Executive Rolling Office. We’ve heard a rumor or two.

Although my kids are long gone, I’d consider 2018 Odyssey for my exclusive daily driver, thanks to cutting edge good looks, exceptional drive and ride dynamics, great utility, and Odyssey Elite’s mobile internet “hot spot.”

Granted, I’m an easy sell when it comes to the reliability and transformer- like multitask utility of Honda’s segment leading Odyssey minivan, it’s easy to like. For 2018, Honda joins Chrysler and Toyota in the reinvention of the minivan, a favorite ride for active families in the U.S. and beyond. Winter road trip to SEMA Show Las Vegas in Honda Odyssey.

Torque News has written volumes as to the mechanical and electronic, technical changes, brought to 2018 Odyssey. Today we approach to possibility of transforming Odyssey into the perfect mobile, adult transport offering hot spot computer link and hands free second row communication capabilities.

Our 2018 Honda Odyssey journey begins on the Big Island of Hawaii

We first drove 2018 Odyssey on the big island of Hawaii last Spring. With the Kona Coast as our backdrop, a select group of journalist and their families explored not only the island, but the reinvented Honda Odyssey. Honda engineering and design places an emphasis on kid-friendly personal electronic connectivity, a much improved reconfigurable side sliding second row, and the pre-programmed Kid entertainment drop down ceiling mounted monitor; complete with wireless headphones, and a smartphone App accessing everything from music selection to volume adjustment, climate control, and, I believe rear entertainment controls. That’s cool! Read our Torque News Hawaii adventure here.

However, with my children long grown and gone, as I drove the roads of Kona, I pondered other uses for what is without argument, a great midsize minivan drive and ride experience, dare I say cool looking?2018 Honda Odyssey side view Odyssey takes the fatigue out of the long drive with a much improved ride, great seats, and a seamless 3.5 Liter V6 10-speed automatic transmission pairing, with a button activated sport-mode for effortless passing.

I’m writing this article from 2018 Odyssey Elite’s row 2

Today, I’m sitting in the second row of 2018 Odyssey Elite writing this post -- parked under a shade tree in a mega shopping center parking lot. As of yet, nobody has knocked on the side window glass to ask as to my loitering. Inside, the leather clad bucket seat, although mechanically adjusted, is as comfortable as my well worn office perch.

We’re parked running at idle with side window shades drawn and the synchronized climate control set to 69 degrees F. The exterior temperature approaches 100 degrees F, unusually hot for western Oregon in July. Thanks to laminated and tinted acoustic windshield and front side window glass, extensive sound deadening, and the quietest V6 in the auto industry,2018 Honda Odyssey rear view 2018 Honda Odyssey is as quiet running at idle as a public library on a Saturday night.

2018 Honda Odyssey comes with greater horsepower, fuel efficiency, and much improved drive and ride dynamic -- Honda claims the best in the segment -- Toyota Sienna and Chrysler Pacifica also claim bragging rights in the ever popular minivan segment -- 2018 Honda Odyssey does not offer an all-wheel-drive or gasoline/electric hybrid option, not yet.

Plenty of hip, leg and shoulder room in row two, I could use a bit more air, and a desk

My auto press event worn and tattered H.P. laptop paired to Odyssey’s dealership demo complimentary AT&T 4G LTE mobile hot spot with ease. I found connection speed to be more than adequate, although in Eugene, Oregon, Web connectivity can be iffy at times. Earlier I’d paired my smartphone to Odyssey, along with my contact list and applications, enabling hands-free calling and music share.2018 Honda Odyssey front view -- instant rolling office command center.

The in-Odyssey mobile office experience is reminiscent of working, while riding aboard a commuter jet, without the 2-year old baby sitting behind you, with greater legroom -- less the pull down table; Odyssey is a nice getaway from the office. And, with a relatively unobstructed view from the second row through the windshield and side windows,2018 Honda Odyssey interior 2018 Honda Odyssey in the Elite trim edition is a rather posh leather clad office cubicle with an ever changing view.

Would I purchase a new minivan specifically for mobile office duty?

Spending much time on the national car show circuit. SEMA Show Las Vegas and various connectivity conferences throughout the west, I‘ve drooled over several rolling office executive van conversions.2018 Honda_odyssey power doors It would take very little modification to affordably convert 2018 Honda Odyssey to the perfect rolling office environment.

For me, I’d convert the second row seating to rotating, power adjusted captains chairs, with a center aisle adjustable height computer table -- removable for easy access to the 3rd row. For optimum office comfort and utility, a printing center with mini-fridge and bar could be easily accommodated in the 3rd row -- all removable for greater seating capacity. On the cheap, one could attach a pull down tray to the back of row 1 seating -- all doable on a budget. I’m confident that we’ll see an ultimate 2018 Odyssey rolling office conversion at SEMA Las Vegas this year.

Photo attributions Parks R. McCants 2017.