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HondaPro Jason video walks Honda Factory Performance Civic upgrades

HondaPro Jason, the hardest working Honda fan on the planet, takes time out from his grinding ongoing world-tour schedule to video walk HFP’s (Honda Factory Performance) extensive dealership available body trim, suspension accessory upgrades; mostly Civic with a Fit thrown in for good measure.


On the road to SEMA Show Las Vegas: Our friend Jason Richmond, A.K.A. HondaPro Jason is at it again. I don’t know how he finds the time, Jason was seen once again transitioning from L.A.X. to his home away from home, Honda Headquarters in sunny Torrance, California. Earlier in the year I had the pleasure of joining Jason at Honda’s Performance Development Center for the debut of the Honda Fit Sport.

A bit underpowered, yet surprisingly fun to drive, HFD developed an exceptional Aero Kit, wheel and suspension upgrade for Honda’s subcompact world-hatchback, and now extends the available point of dealership sale accessory upgrades throughout the Civic lineup, including the well received 2017 Civic Type-R. Read our Civic Type-R Redwoods adventure here.

Parks_McCants_Civic_Type-RHondaPro Jason walks us through the HFP lineup

The first time I experienced the visual uptick, improved ride dynamic that is HFP, I was behind the wheel of a 2015 Honda Accord V6, 6MT Sport Coupe; good looking! As Jason walks through the Civic lineup, I personally find the greatest value in the 2017 Civic Hatchback Sport Touring. From the contrasting red color diffuser, high positioned hatch wing, and +1 powder coated alloy wheels, the HFP accessory upgrade injects more than a bit of attitude in one’s daily ride, and is an affordable, warranted, roll-into-the-auto-loan. dealership installed factory accessory package. Look mom, no hands.

Jason’s shares an accessory or two not (yet) available in the U.S..

When watching Jason’s latest and greatest Video, check out the Japan market only Civic Type-R wheels. Sweet! If you’d like them available in North America, comment at the bottom of this article or Jason’s video, we’ll pass your interest on to Honda.


HondaPro Jason (not verified)    October 26, 2017 - 4:48PM

Thank You so much for the article, love and support! I love covering everything Honda & happy to share it with you guys