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Honda Takes 2018 Fit to Next Level With an Injection of ‘Sportitude’

American Honda rolled out a teaser announcement as to a major refreshed 2018 Honda Fit offering, featuring not only expanded active safety features, but an edgy looking “sport” edition. Can a mainstream subcompact Honda economy hatchback be sporty?

It was not too long ago that Honda Fit was about as basic a subcompact hatchback that one could find in North America. At that time, the manufactured in Japan Honda Fit, captured the hearts and imaginations of micro-hatch-fans wishing for a fuel efficient, fun to drive, 5-door utility that could do just about anything. I survive the Phoenix, Arizona desert in a plum purple 2006 Honda Fit Touring.HOnda_Fit_Heat_Guage_McCants

Honda Fit's come a long way in 3 generations

The initial 2001 Honda Fit was rather bare bones, yet possessed a transformer-like 2nd row, flat deck interior, ease of in-town parking maneuverability, and a cavernous interior that in a pinch, could transport, 4 to 5 adults, or a handful of kids, a cat, a week’s worth of groceries, and a Boogie Board or two -- but one thing Fit was not in its factory configuration was “sporty.” The car that had become a bestseller in Japan, outselling Toyota Corolla in that market, would be introduced to North America at the Detroit Auto Show in 2006, as a 2007 model. As is said, “the rest is history. * Fit is now in its 3rd generation.

I’m one of those quirky journalist that appreciates The Honda Fit platformFit_SEMA_Show_Las_Vegas

For 2018, Honda brings to the Fit stable a “sport” trim level. After seeing what custom builders did with Honda Fit at SEMA Show Las Vegas, I know from personal experience that Honda Fit can be pretty darn sporty when messaged just a tad. There’s just something very cool about this slightly underpowered, yet exquisitely executed, fuel miser. As currently equipped, Honda Fit drives, lives and rides with confidence and conviction. What can I tell you, my mother drives one.Mom_Loves_Fit_McCants

Fit Sport? bring it on

Personally, I believe Fit’s earned a bit of “sport.” Bring it on Honda! As to mechanical, technical specifications, MSRP, and dealership availability, that will be coming sometime in July. Honda-Torque News will keep you posted, as Honda takes 2018 Fit to the next level with an injection of what we like to refer to as “sportitude.”

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