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Honda’s HPD S3000 project spawns hopes of future high torque convertible roadster

With Honda S2000 fans hoping for the return of a convertible roadster to the lineup, we re-visit the Honda Performance Development S3000 project. Think a 350 hp rear drive two place convertible. We like the idea.

2013 found Honda Performance Development revisiting the S3700 project. Originated in 2009 as an “associate development tool” the crew at HPD installed a 3.7 liter sohc VTEC V6 under the hood of a 2009 S2000CR. Crazy, right? Not really. For Honda, this is an exercise in applying street car technology to the racetrack; something that must be utilized in WTCC, G.P. and SCCA sanctioned club racing.

For us, looking to the S3700 project we discover a very compatible marriage of high torque naturally aspirated V6 power meets rear wheel torque transference. You know, A.C. Cobra, Alpine Tiger, and A.H. 3000, all V6 or small displacement V8 rear axle drive sports roadsters.

Nothing like it. I love the simplicity of the application, retention of the “ old school” design queue and the 9.5 power to weight ratio obtained through the V6 upgrade.

There’s also some real advantage to installing a factory available “ trade out” engine in a compatible frame and engine room configuration. Without a doubt , there's some fabrication involved; but, with weights and measurements remaining within range of the stock configuration, modification is minimized.

According to the specification sheet, the project car weighs a mere 50 lbs over that of the stock doner car while producing 300 to 350 hp and 245- 275 ft-lb torque in a car that weighs under 2700 lb. That’s impressive. Will the car hold together? Read about it here.

While it’s most likely that American Honda Motors will never manufacture and produce a S3700 Roadster, we do believe that the concept deserves some serious consideration for home modification of a S2000; if you can find an affordable donor car.

Looking around EBay and Auto Trader, it becomes evident that a stock, relatively late model S2000 will set you back $19,000+.

In this application a car with a blown motor will do. Finding a crate or “ swap out” 3.7 liter V6 shouldn't prove to be difficult. Looking around the internet we find the motor available through Marked Motorsports for $7399.00. Their L engine is pumping out 350 hp.
Crazy. We’re confident that you can locate a cheaper one.

None the less, A 350 hp 6 speed rear tire burning S2000 may be your affordable alternative to that A.C. Cobra you’ve always wanted to own. And, much less expensive to build, own and maintain.