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Honda’s ‘Are you Type-R?’ video nails the driving essence of 2017 Civic Type-R

Describing the sensation that is driving 2017 Honda Civic Type-R in writing is difficult at best. In Honda’s latest video short the maker “nails it.” That should be good enough. But then again, I too have driven Honda’s halo car.

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The first time I viewed the latest rounds of Civic Type-R auto show concept cars was in video. Initially, I found Civic Type-R’s body line to be a bit too radical for the daily commute. But then again, I do love to drive. The second time was in person at SEMA Las Vegas, followed by a behind the wheel sit and video shot at the Los Angeles International Auto Show.

Viewed live, the final concept rendition of Civic Type-R was captivating, a bit gut wrenching, and car-junky-have-to-have-it, thought provoking. Thankfully, what you see available in the U.S. today, is very close to the final Civic Type-R concept car, in person Type-R is stunning!

1,000 miles behind the wheel of Civic Type-R I can’t get past how good this car is

I’m that crazy old dude down the street that has a new car or light truck in his driveway weekly. As cool as that sounds to the car junky in you, it keeps my back and but sore. Sitting in a different car seat weekly, is much like sleeping on a different bed nightly. The body takes time to adjust to every seating position, and frankly, Honda hasn’t always presented the best seat in the segment. 10th generation Civic changed all that.

2017 Civic Type-R, while not a fit-all Ford LTD driving couch, does present the most comfortable, aggressively bolstered sport seat in the high performance compact hatchback segment. So in the case of Type-Rs seat, yes, I too am a Type-R. Torque News drives Civic Type-R down the Avenue of the Giants.

Civic Type-R’s 306 horsepower is but a small part of Type-R appeal

Adrenalin is cool, fatigue is not. Historically, performance cars come standard equipped with a measurable fatigue factor. For me, a test driver with well over a million miles logged on the roads of planet Earth, Civic Type-R presents a rather perfect combination of comfortable seat and driving position, meets affordable high performance exhilaration. Take a minute to check out Honda’s latest Civic Type-R video. Then, comment and share. Thanks for reading Torque News.

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