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Honda Clarity Electric Honored as Most Innovative Car at CES Las Vegas

CES Las Vegas is the largest consumer electronics show in North America. Recognized by auto manufacturers as an important showcase for tech innovation, Honda Clarity takes top billing with a unique approach to EV.

Last week following the close of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Las Vegas, Edmunds Auto, in partnership with CES, announced the recipient of their first annual “Most Innovative Car” award. Just another award for innovative Honda Motor Company? Well yes and no. What Honda engineering presents through Clarity packaging is nothing short of revolutionary, or is that evolutionary? 2018 Honda Clarity EV wins at CES for the same reason Clarity won “2018 Green Car of the Year.” innovation!

Initially a hydrogen fuel cell electric, 2018 Clarity now offers 3-EV variants

On my last trip to Los Angeles, I counted 2 Honda Clarity EVs on the freeway, a first for me. There’s no mistaking a Clarity when it comes up behind you, day or night. This is Honda’s most radical, future-forward body design language. It’s edgy, and more than just a bit controversial in a world of California designed appliance cars.

I receive a mixed review when talking Clarity with my fellow auto writers. But here’s the thing. Every panel fold, hood-bend, wheel skirt, vent, and short overhang is purposely integrated into Clarity, leading to exceptional EV performance, and segment-leading Aerodynamics.

On the tech side of Clarity, we discover 3 methods of electric motivation -- FCV, ( fuel cell electric) BEV, ( battery electric) and PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric.) American Honda tells Torque News: The Honda Clarity series was recognized by Edmunds' editors for its leading-edge approach to electrified powertrain technology: "With options including pure electric, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell models, the 2018 Honda Clarity provides unmatched flexibility when it comes to alternative fuel choices, and proves that innovative design can push the industry further toward a future using renewable energy."

Me, I like Clarity for its seamless delivery of torque, low to ZERO exhaust emissions, and its understated posh cabin confines. Clarity is a blast to drive! Read my initial Clarity drive impressions here.

Photo Attributions American Honda 2018.