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Astounding Honda Clarity Electric Acquisition Volume Fuels Maker’s EV Directive

Looking to American Honda Motors’ 2017 sales report, there’s a surprise or two. It would appear that Honda’s intent to electrify the majority of the maker’s car and light truck lineup in the U.S., is well on its way, with Clarity leading the charge. Why Clarity?


My Torque News associate John Goreham kindly dropped me an email this morning revealing the electric vehicle production numbers for December 2017. Surprisingly, there sat Honda Clarity, new to the market, going bumper to taillights with Tesla 3. Why Clarity?

With the December introduction of Clarity PHEV, (plug-in hybrid electric) consumers lease or buy 1425 Clarity electrified vehicles. This brings the number of Honda Clarity EVs running the streets and highways of (mostly) California to 2455 for 2017.

Honda will lease or sell as many Clarity electric vehicles as they can produce

While most of my autophile friends find Honda Clarity to be visually odd at best, I appreciate the future-forward uniqueness of Clarity’s very slippery body design. Honda points to Clarity with pride; calling it the most advanced, comfortable, and ride dynamic Honda car ever produced. After driving Clarity FCV, (fuel cell electric) Clarity BEV, (battery electric) and Clarity PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric) I agree. I find some value in the low charge range Clarity BEV.

The Honda Clarity drive and ride experience is unique, refined, and roomy. And, for those that live in major metropolitan regions of Southern, Central and Northern California, Clarity affords single commuters use of the coveted H.O.V. lane -- Diamond Lane back when I was a kid. Read about the lease-only Clarity fuel cell vehicle here.

For the Green Car enthusiast among us, Clarity represents the next logical step in the evolution of personal transportation. Honda engineering nailed it with Clarity. Read our latest Torque News Clarity review here. Honda’s production target for Clarity sedans of all variants is 75,000 units over 5 years; that’s very doable. In looking to initial Clarity sales momentum, Honda’s sales projection for their most advanced, fuel efficient, low to no emissions wonder sedan may be low.

As a side note: Honda vows to expand application of the world Clarity platform in the near future. Me, I’d like to see a Clarity crossover or hatchback variant.