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Honda Civic Tuner performance brakes for under $350

We’ve all blown through a stop sign, light or two due to brake-fade after excessive power braking. Bad news and undeniably dangerous. Keeping the budget in mind, we take a look at performance Civic braking for under $350.

Pumping up the performance in a mid 90’s Civic EX, Hatch or whatever your preferred Tuner, base car maybe, is relatively easy and affordable. For under a $1000, one can increase the horsepower and torque of the “D” 1.4L by 20% or greater with a tweak of the fuel flow, intake, exhaust and timing. But without decent brakes, all can be lost in a matter of seconds.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to body, chassis and performance modifications.Torque News has interviewed more than one builder that has spent north of $25000 on a mid-90s Civic build. We’ve also admired several mind-blowing mild customs that have materialized for under $10000..

There's something to be said for an affordable daily driver that expresses the personality of the owner through mild customization and heightened performance.

looking through the custom wheels of most modified Civics seen on the street today, we notice a Brembo or two. But generally a less expensive aftermarket drilled rotor and decent brake pad set up will do the trick, while leaving a few dollars in the grocery budget.

Brakes are the most important safety and performance upgrade on your performance Honda. And, you can do it yourself on a Saturday with a handful of affordable tools, a borrowed compression clamp, a floor jack and jack stand. As they say, “this ain’t rocket science.”

Shopping around the internet, we found a comparable bargain on a 4 wheel performance brake set. The ‘Power Stop Street Warrior’ brake kit lists for $302.13 + tax and shipping, includes quality slotted high heat dissipating rotors, low dust and noise Z 26 carbon fiber pads, stainless steel shims clips, etc.

Claiming 20% greater braking power than stock, minimal brake fade, quick heat dissipation, low brake pad dust and noise, this performance brake set comes with a limited 3 year/ 30,000 mile warranty.

For those enthusiasts that were not born with a wrench in the hand, you can find removal and installation instructions in the attached video. Be fast, be proud, be safe.