10th generation Honda Civic
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Honda Civic Forum a Buzz With 2018 Type-R Delivery Date and MSRP

With the Canadian manufactured 2017 Civic Si now available for order from your friendly neighborhood Honda dealership, how far behind is the first Honda in the United States to wear the Type-R destination?

There’s been much written about Honda’s latest and greatest racing inspired and track tested 10th generation Civic platform turbocharged Civic Type-R. Claiming well over 300 horsepower, Brembo brakes, and arguably the most dynamic looking 5-door hatchback production body design in Honda history. Track tested and record breaking prior to its North American market release, I predicted that this manufactured in England import will sell out its first production run in a matter of weeks.

Timeline, pricing

The public relations crew at American Honda Motors are masters of suspense, and Civic Type-R is no exception. With Hondapro Jason and other Honda uber fans sharing sightings of Civic Type-Rs rolling down English countryside roads on the backs of car carriers heading for the docks for shipment to U.S. ports and beyond, How long could it possibly be before Civic Type-Rs a running the streets of Canada and the U.S.?2018_Honda_Civic_Type-R

July delivery in the U.K. with MSRP

As Torque News suggested back in 2016, Honda’s performance Golden Child comes to the U.K. market with an exchange adjusted MSRP of $40,107.00 + That’s according to our friends at Civic X, Via the Drive, and will be available for dealership order in July 2017. I believe the U.S. will be next in line. As to the 2017 Civic Si, it’s available now. And Torque News will be behind the wheel for a first impression drive review before month's end. Cheers!

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