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2017 Honda Civic Si performance upgrades revealed by Rob Keough

Isn’t 2017 Honda Civic Si just an upgraded 10th generation Civic Hatchback Sport? What's the difference between this car and the exiting 9th generation Civic Si? Honda's Robert Keough shares some specification insight on the latest and greatest Civic Si.

Well yes and no: Digging through the mountain of cyber junk populated my Monday morning email in-box, I stumbled across a rather informative Temple of VTEC video interview with Honda’s very own Rob Keough. I’ve been following 10th generation Civic Si development for 3 years.

The component difference between 2017 Civic Si and the turbocharged Civic Touring

Produced on the floor of 2017 NYIAS ( New York International Auto Show,) TOV Special Features Editor Gerald Irish does a commendable job of nailing down specifications, or more importantly, what sets the reinvented 10th generation Civic Si above the turbocharged Civic Touring hatchback in measurable sport-performance. Read my latest take on 2017 Civic Si here.

Higher boost, larger brakes, adjustable suspension dynamics elevate 2017 Civic Si performance

Granted, our Civic readers, and more specifically, young Honda performance fans, can be just a tad obsessive when it comes to the Hows, what and whys of Civic performance. It’s understandable. With an estimated MSRP approaching $26,000, Civic Si fans, and future owners want to know…

The short story: Take a moment to watch TOV’s interview, you’ll get the picture. Hang in there. You'll catch HondaPro Jason panning a frame or two.