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Honda Civic best selling car to date for 2017

According to American Honda Motor Company, 2017 Civic was the best selling car “by far,” for the first 4 months in 2017. What’s driving Honda Civic sales?

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With 30,000 + Civics sold in April, Honda’s best selling compact offering takes the lead for the maker in a rather flat month for U.S. auto sales. "While there seems no end in sight to consumers' love affair with trucks and SUVs, we continue to keep a focus on passenger cars to maintain a balanced sales mix in the retail marketplace," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president of the American Honda Automobile Division. "Our efforts to build more Honda light trucks at our plants in North America are paying dividends with sales records for both CR-V and HR-V." As a side note, 2017 CR-V lead Honda light truck sales in April.

With 31, 211 Civics sold in April, the sedan lives on in Honda’s lineup

We first experienced the 10th generation turbocharged near-midsize Civic Sedan on a two-lane sweep in Malibu Canyon, California. The reinvented European car inspired Civic proved to be an exceptional, comfortable driver, with wide-track road handling capability, a much lower one with the car seating position, wider cabin, improved braking and class setting 0 to 60 MPH sprint speeds. I love driving it!2016_Honda_Civic_McCants
Soon to join the sedan was an exceptional coupe, and a manufactured in England 5 door hatchback, my personal favorite. All Civic variants come to market with exceptional standard features, optional Honda SENSING ™ active safety suite, a Safety Pick + IIHS rating, and highway fuel efficiency approaching 40 mpg without electrification. What’s not to like? Read our latest “ week in the seat” here.HOnda_Civic_Si_McCAnts

Following Fiat Chrysler’s recent announcement of ending 200 series sedan production, although 2017 Honda Civic may not be the cheapest offering in the compact car segment, it does bring the most car for the money to the bargaining table, and does so without compromise. Next up in the Civic roll out is the much anticipated Civic Si, Read my take on Civic Si here.

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