Base model 2016 Honda HR-V EX Surprises

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After driving every car, crossover and SUV in the Honda, Acura lineup, I had one bridge to cross. I’d yet to experience the bare-bones 2016 HR-V front-wheel-drive CVT.

A bit of disclosure: I’m a die-hard Honda fan -- have been for decades. Yet, I’m the first person to admit that the brand has had its quality question marks over the years - a bump in the road from time to time, if you will. However, this is not one of those times. Honda, and specifically American Honda Motor Company is on an unprecedented trajectory, soon to be , if not already, the best selling compact, midsize car lineup in North America.

Honda’s subcompact Fit platformed crossover comes out swinging!

Sometimes it’s that tough, smart small guy or gal that one has to watch out for -- such is the case with 2016 Honda HR-V. I first met Honda HR-V in Miami Beach, Florida back in the Winter of 2015. While I had my initial doubts as to Honda’s application of a decade -old 1.8 Liter i-VTEC Civic based engine design, to this breakout designed subcompact urbane assault dynamo, I was wrong, Honda chose the perfect sole engine application for 2016 Honda HR-V.

As shared with Torque News by Honda engineering, the maker had chosen the 1.8 Liter workhorse for its torque band, fuel economy and bulletproof mechanical reliability. Furthermore, despite the concern of nay sayers like myself, Honda had made the right choice for HR-V, although I personally would like to see a turbocharged “S” variant come down the line someday.

After putting HR-V through its paces in Miami, I was hooked. If not through the initial offering, then certainly to what HR-V would evolve into.

As with all world premiers, Honda brought out its finest hardware

As auto journalist, we’re generally subjected to an initial introduction of a new car or truck reveal in top trim. it’s much like taking a girl or guy to the prom. The warts as they say, are covered with the glitz and glam of an exceptional suit, dress and fab-shoes.

While In Miami, most of the drive time was spent behind the wheel of the top trimmed 2016 HR-V AWD EX-L with Navigation. CVT shifted, and dressed to the “9s” with every option that Honda could throw at it, the top-end 2016 HR-V impressed.

I was blown away by how much car and new found utility Honda provided for under $25,000. Good looking and fun to drive, I was soon hooked on HR-V, the practical, yet very capable sub compact crossover.


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