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American Honda having fun with Odyssey Emojis horn option

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a car horn that better expresses the emotion of the driver at time of honk? Honda engineering believes so.

For April 1, better known as “April fools Day,” the fastest growing brand in North America presents a 2018 Honda Odyssey equipped with variable horn Emojis, very Japanese, very cool. Is it real, why not?

Back in the day, old-school, French auto maker Renault presented the sub compact “Dauphin” run about , equipped with 2 distinctive horn tones. A city horn, and a country horn, Has Honda successfully launched a multiple-beat horn pattern that expresses the driver’s emotion at the time engagement?

Here’s what Honda has to say as to this latest feature development for 2018 Honda Odyssey minivan, the first van in north America equipped with an integrated on-board vacuum system.

According to Honda: "Horns have been around for over a century, but little has been done to make these sound-making devices a personal expression of the driver's emotions like we're doing with the all-new Honda Odyssey," said Alice Alerto, the Honda engineer in charge of horn development. "We have exhaustively researched and tested these new Honda Horn Emojis to offer the industry's most advanced in-vehicle technology in the minivan segment."

Well, this would certainly be a first in the auto industry. Let’s see how far Honda takes personalized horn development. The last time we saw anything this exciting coming out of America Honda was the Honda Fit “Selfie” option. So popular. I’ve yet to locate one on a dealer’s lot.

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