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600 Horsepower Extreme Civic Coupe Wins Round 2 Red Bull GRC

A mere two rounds into the second full season for the extreme turbocharged, H.P.D. Olsbergs MSE built Honda Civic Coupe, Sebastian Eriksson takes on all comers, winning the first Red Bull Global Rallycross Series leg 2 for Honda.

It was a huge weekend for Honda racing, with the 3 car Civic racing team dominating the track under wet conditions in round 2 of the Red Bull Global Rallycross series held in Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Louisville Slugger, darn fine Bourbon, and the Kentucky Derby. This weekend, Honda Civic dominated!

Torque News recently spent some time behind the wheel of major refreshed 2018 Acura TLX while visiting Louisville. Read about the TLX A-Spec here. I anticipate increased sales for this NSX inspired Acura sport sedan.

Redbull G.R.C. is the most extreme autocross on the planet

Held on an extremely short, multiple road surface track, complete with dirt, muddy conditions, and elevated multiple jumps, this is as close as auto racing comes to indoor stadium motocross. Last weeks second round goes to racing sensation Sebastian Eriksson and his Red Bull, OMSE, race prepared Civic Coupe. We first reported on Honda Civic GRC. here in march 2016.Extreme_Honda_Civic_GRC

According to Honda News, this racing Civic kills it

“Sebastian Eriksson and his No. 93 Honda Red Bull Olsbergs MSE Civic commanded the attention of the entire Red Bull Global Rallycross field on Sunday afternoon. With aggression and poise, he scored Honda's first-ever Global Rallycross victory in one of the closest finishes in series history.

Eriksson led his teammates, Mitchell deJong and Oliver Eriksson (no relation) with a fourth-place qualifying result. The 24-year-old Swedish veteran and his Olsbergs MSE (OMSE) crew then handled the adversity of poor early-round heat results to record a second-place finish in the second semifinal, a strong showing which put him on the inside of the second row.

Before the 10-car final began, a rain shower soaked the .699-mile course, making conditions optimal for Eriksson and the Honda-powered team. The third-year Supercar driver had excelled in similar conditions in his last podium finish in Seattle last season.”

A Torque News congratulations goes out to Sebastian and the OMSE race team. Well done!

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