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38 Acura NSX Supercars delivered in September

While that may read like a small number for the only made in America supercar, there’s a bit more to the story.

2017 Acura NSX is a very limited production offering. With 800 cars scheduled for production in year one, two to three hundred may make it into the garage of U.S. owners.

2017 Acura NSX hybrid gasoline/electric supercar is a “world-car.” The number you see in the headline is directly related to cars delivered through Acura dealers in the U.S.. To date, 83 NSX supercars in various trim levels have been delivered to their proud owners, many who have waited years to purchase the reinvention of a car that initially gave Ferrari a run for the money way back in 1991.

While the essence of NSX remains, little can be found of the original concept in what is arguably Acura’s most advanced, track worthy offering to date. I’ve driven both generations, and frankly, in my mid-adult years, fit well in neither. Nonetheless, with a final adjustment of the driver’s seat, and a slight ‘hunching down’ of my personal driving position, 2017 Acura NSX and I found an acceptable compromise, as I discovered the tech-aided magic that is one’s driving experience behind the wheel of a car that epitomizes Acura’s engineering and design directive. NSX is the most expensive major manufacturer production car in the U.S..

The NSX experience puts one with the car

“Near intuitive” comes to mind when one first experiences the drive dynamic of America’s supercar. As happy on the the track as it is on the street, 2017 Acura NSX is the Swiss Army Knife of supercars, where automotive driven “one with the car” ergonomics, meets and often exceeds the inherent superior drive dynamic -- enabled through “the future is here now” electric-only, and very smart, seamless, electric-motor-produced -- measurable torque transferred -- super-smart-handling -- all-wheel drive, one engine, 3 motor, twin turbocharged, darn near 600 horsepower, compact 2-seat supercar.

If one thinks too much about it, NSX can be just a bit overwhelming

In full disclosure 2017 Acura NSX has been labeled “ too complicated,” by some members of the automotive press. Perhaps! But for who? In truth, all systems work seamlessly in unison to present the driver with that “one with the car” thing. Something that 2017 Acura NSX arguably does better than any other offering on the road today.

Standing in line for lunch at “The Quail” car show event, I happened upon a man who had deposited his NSX order 3 years earlier, so he claims. His number is 168. I asked him if he would drive an NSX on that stunning summer day. No! He didn’t need to, he knew what he wanted, and the wait in his mind was well worth it.

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