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2018 Honda Odyssey Minivan: Reading between the lines

Monday found American Honda Motors announcing the Detroit Auto Show reveal of its most dynamic minivan design to date. What do we discover reading between the lines?

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Granted, Honda Odyssey in it’s present 4th generation manifestation remains the best selling minivan in North America 6 years running. But, as Honda reinvents its entire lineup, so goes Odyssey with a 5th generation scheduled for unveiling January 9 at the 2017 Detroit International Auto Show.

Truthfully, despite numerous spy shots and road test sightings around the U.S. Honda remains tight lipped as to specifications. Yet there’s an inkling of good things to come.

Reading between the lines of Honda’s press release

Knowing that Honda’s turned to manufactured in the U.S. small displacement turbocharged 4 cylinder engines for greater fuel efficiency and instant-on-tap torque, Honda tells us this: “Next gen Odyssey to feature new powertrains, advanced connectivity, entertainment and safety, promising the ultimate in family-friendly versatility and comfort."

I’ll step out on a limb here and predict that Honda will opt for a smaller displacement turbocharged high-fuel-efficiency 4-cylinder engine and (possibly) a g-shift segmented CVT transmission for the 5th generation Odyssey. I anticipate highway MPG to exceed 30. * Hint, it won’t be a 1.5 Liter engine as found in Civic and CR-V. Will North American Odyssey buyers see a hybrid or all-wheel-drive option as found in Japan? Doubtful, although welcomed. Read my 2017 Honda CR-V take here.

Advanced connectivity, entertainment, safety, versatility and comfort

I‘ll further predict that Odyssey will follow Civic, CR-V and Pilot in offering greater cell phone and personal electronic ease of “pairing’ by offering both Google O.S. and Apple Car Play -- while throwing in a surround-sound second row pull down theater-monitor. While we’re at it, swivel first and second row captain chairs would be nice. I drove 4th generation Odyssey S.E. to Vegas and loved it!

I’ll let the exceptional artist rendering spark the imagination. Awesome!

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Aryeh Rosenthal (not verified)    December 21, 2016 - 3:27PM

What are the new interior features added to the 2018 Redesigned Honda Odyssey LX Trim Level?