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2017 HR-V crossover drives American Honda to November record sales

While there’s a bit more to the story than HR-V, the Fit platformed subcompact crossover recorded a sales gain of 132% month over month (8,141 units sold) up 96.1% for the year. Honda’s subcompact crossover offering is on fire.

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Although much of the auto industry reports lackluster sales of late, Thursday morning found Honda Division reporting a 7.9% sales uptick for the month of November, so much for negative presidential election market retreat. Astoundingly, 2017 HR-V, Honda’s Fit subcompact world platform manufactured Ute, is experiencing a market resurgence; as consumers look to Honda’s coupe-like 5 door hatchback for a greater utility and ownership satisfaction return on their dollar. I compare Honda HR-V to Mazda CX-3 here.

Accord, Civic, Fit and HR-V

Looking to November retail sales numbers: Accord and Civic continue to buck the SUV trend, with Fit and HR-V picking up momentum in a segment that was largely left in the dust by low interest rates and cheap, plentiful gasoline. Apparently, not all new car buyers look to purchase a midsize SUV, although Honda Pilot and Acura MDX continue to sell well in that segment. What I believe is happening here is that Honda’s transition of Fit production to Japan resulted in greater dealership availability of the very cool, and fun to drive HR-V - resulting in greater sales volume -- HR-V is a good purchase value.

When we look to the total package that is HR-V, an available all-wheel-drive option, and a very attractive MSRP, HR-V comes out on top as consumers go long on ecological and financial consideration. Read my latest Honda HR-V drive review here. 2017_Honda_HR-VA comment from American Honda’s Mr. Jeff Conrad

"Considering the continued consumer appetite for trucks and SUVs, we're excited to see Honda cars resonate so well with our customers," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Division. "This is especially gratifying considering the strength of our light truck lineup, as we continue to hit on all cylinders with individual retail buyers."

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