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2017 Honda Ridgeline sales show good momentum for August

As the reinvented Honda Ridgeline Pickup sales approach 10,000 units, it looks as if American Honda Motors has yet another sales success in its ever expanding lineup.

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2017 Honda Ridgeline sales show good momentum for August, landing near the 10,000 unit mark as we head into September. For anyone that doubted the success of Honda’s only light pickup truck offering in the U.S., as is said, the numbers have spoken, as Honda fans new and returning to the brand purchase the most unique midsize pickup truck offering in North America.

Like no other pickup truck offered in North America

The engineers at American Honda Motors tell torque News that the totally reengineered 2017 Honda Ridgeline pickup is targeted to the car or light truck buyer that requires his or her pickup truck for part time work and play duty. According to the source, that demographic represents the majority of pickup truck owners in North America today.

FWD or AWD option with push button traction management

What we discovered on a recent trip to San Antonio Texas was a unibody constructed crewcab- Pilot-like pickup truck with Accord like comfort and true haul and tow work capacity. Scoff as you will, when we put Ridgeline up against Chevrolet and Toyota in the dirt, Ridgeline provided a superior ride-comfort experience, exceptional mixed terrain and road surface traction, while effortlessly towing a fully loaded utility trailer, bass boat, or loaded truck bed.
2017_Honda_RidgelineBottom line: Ridgeline is truck enough for most applications

That’s the beauty of Ridgeline. We’re beginning to see the all new Ridgeline diving the streets of North America. This week I have one in the driveway and will put 2017 Honda Ridgeline through its paces this Labor Day weekend.

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James Cromer (not verified)    September 3, 2016 - 2:40PM

Traded my 2013 Ridgeline on July 3rd for a new 2017 RTL E and love it! Im an un offical spokeman for Honda as strangers always want to look at it and I show them all of the great features.