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2017 Honda CR-V drives maker to February sales record

The reinvented 2017 Honda CR-V and HR-V subcompact CUV, drive American Honda to a year over year sales record for February. What makes CR-V such a compelling buy?

Car sales following the holiday season are generally flat. None the less, American Honda Motor Company posted yet another monthly sales record (year over year) with light trucks leading the charge. For February, 2017 CR-V was the standout, out selling Accord and Civic, with a surprising show of momentum once again coming from the Fit platformed HR-V subcompact crossover.

2017 Honda CR-V drives the maker to yet another sales record: 2016, was an all time record sales year for American Honda Motor Company. And, as in the balance of the North American auto industry, crossovers and SUV's remain a measurable percentage of the maker's success. Depending on the news source, Honda CR-V remains the best selling SUV of all time, and the Fit platformed compact crossover continues to surprise in the ever-changing subcompact crossover segment. Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3 go bumper to bumper. Which sub compact CUV is best for you?

Longer, wider and turbocharged

For 2017 CR-V comes to market longer, wider, visually captivating, with a welcome uptick in premium comfort, segment leading standard and optional passive, active safety technologies, ease of personal electronic connectivity, a much improved, larger color center stack monitor, and a turbocharged engine option. When looking to the MSRP, Honda CR-V retains a marketable lead in "bang for the buck." As to the drive and ride experience, read our latest CR-V drive review here.

A word from Honda

The Honda Division continued its record sales streak into the second month of the year, gaining 4.3 percent on sales of 110.882 units to set a new February benchmark. CR-V and HR-V repeated strong January performances, driving Honda trucks to a February record as well. The Fit also gained in February while Civic and Accord held their own in a market tilting toward trucks.

Honda trucks set a new benchmark in February, gaining 15.3 percent on sales of 56,419.
CR-V and HR-V drove truck sales, both setting new February marks; CR-V sales were up 26.3 percent on sales of 31,898, and HR-V up 28.6 percent with 6,354 units sold.

Accord and Civic continue to swim against the tide, with sales cresting 23,000 and 27,000 units, respectively.
"The new CR-V is exceeding our own expectations with production and deliveries now fully up to speed," said Jeff Conrad, senior vice president and general manager of the Honda Division. "It's clearly hitting a sweet spot in the market and complemented by HR-V at the entry level." Indeed!