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2017 Honda Civic Si a screaming performance bargain for $23,900

I’m happy to admit that I’m one of those auto-journalist that over estimated MSRP for Honda’s latest and greatest Civic Si. Friday, Honda ended price and availability speculation. I find 2017 Civic Si to be a screaming performance bargain as priced.

Beginning today, 2017 Civic Si available in coupe and sedan variants will trickle into your friendly neighborhood Honda dealership. The good news for Civic Si fans is that the 10th generation, turbocharged performance Civic, (205 horsepower/192-ft-lb torque @2300 rpm) comes to market. with a very favorable base MSRP of $23,900 plus a $200 upcharge for summer tires.

A much improved Civic Si, favorable price point

When taking into account the much improved suspension, handling and ride dynamics, oversized brakes, limited slip differential, reduced curb weight, and arguably the best driving seat in the segment, 2017 Civic Si in coupe or sedan variant is a screaming performance deal when measured against the competition. Read our initial impression of 2017 Civic Si here.

Great horsepower, torque and handling, but no hatchback 2017_Honda_Civic_Si_Coupe_McCants

Thanks to the 2 model year proven, manufactured in America, 1.5 Liter direct injected, turbocharged Earth Dreams ™ VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline engine and close throw 6 speed manual transmission, 2017 Civic Si presents top of class fuel efficiency, and optimal torque available throughout the shift range.

It’s the drive-by-wire acceleration and instant-on torque that makes this Civic Si the most powerful in the maker’s history. As to the performance hatchback question” No, with the 2018 Civic Type R due to arrive to the U.S. within the year, Honda will not undercut Civic Type-R sales with a 5-door Civic Si hatchback variant. What makes this Civic Si a hot performance car?

For those who wish for measurable turbocharged Civic hatchback performance

American Honda Motors does presently offer a very good 2017 Honda Civic sport hatchback. While it doesn’t quite come up to Si engine output standards, it’s fun to drive, well equipped, and available with a 6-speed manual. It’s actually, pretty darn quick. Read more about the 2017 Civic sport hatchback here.


Pierre Haavik (not verified)    May 14, 2017 - 3:53PM

It is only the hatchback Civic and Type R that is manufactured in England. I think the Civic Si is manufactured in Ontario, Canada.