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2016 Honda Fit: Honda holds price increase to 1%

Honda announces 2016 Fit to arrive at select dealers July 1, 2015. What tech-upgrades will Fit feature for 2016?


With Honda holding the price increase on 2016 Fit to less than 1%, what tech and design upgrades will we discover in Honda’s next best selling subcompact hatchback?

Honda-Torque News and others have predicted that Honda Fit would surpass Civic sales as Honda’s next best seller in the subcompact segment. Well, yes and no. With the super-sized Civic moving well into to the compact class, Fit along with 2016 HR-V fills a void in Honda’s North American subcompact segment. Current sales momentum suggests that Fit is Honda’s next best seller.

Why 40,000 buyers have opted for Fit in the first 6 months of 2015

Hey, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! Honda-Torque News has reported on Fit development over the past 2 years and looks forward to the 2016, 3rd generation Honda Fit. Looking to Honda’s latest news release we discover that 2016 Honda Fit is scheduled for first-dealership-delivery July 1, 2015.

However, don’t abandon your 2015 model. Buyers will find little to no aesthetic, mechanical or drive performance difference between the 2015 and 2016 model offering.

2016 Honda Fit, will be a great driver by any measure

When driving 2015 Fit, we discovered an exceptionally roomy, fun to drive utility 5 door hatchback with a much larger car ride. I like the flat-deck convertibility of the 2nd row magic seat, 41 mpg highway efficiency rating, 5 star safety, standard backup camera, personal connectivity features and much more; all standard with a beginning MSRP slightly under $16,000.

What can I say, I like driving a smaller hatchback. Fit is fun, full efficient and just a bit quirky on the design side. As a tall driver, I find the headroom in Fit to be exceptional, the 2nd row seating to be unusually comfortable, and the drive and ride feel of Fit to be surprisingly stable.

EarthDreams ™ Technology

Despite the smallish 1.5 Liter EarthDreams ™ 4 cylinder gasoline engine (140 horsepower/ 114 lb-ft torque) this 2500+ lb subcompact moves down the road with confidence. When coupled with Honda’s state of the art CVT transmission, On a personal note I found entering the freeway or traveling uphill to be effortless; I like that, and further found Fit power to be more than adequate; in-fact, sporty at times.

Fit’s a sales home run

Honda’s Jeff Conrad puts it this way: "The new Fit has been a tremendous hit with buyers seeking a fun, practical and stylish transportation solution," said Jeff Conrad, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Honda. "It's a satisfying car for a wide variety of needs and lifestyles." Thank you Mr. Conrad.

In closing

Looking to the specifications: 2016 Honda Fit in all variants will be essential unchanged from the 2015 offering. As the 2016 model comes in, July sales may be a good purchase opportunity for buyers looking to save a few $ on the outgoing Fit.