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2016 Honda Civic showcases ‘Si’ inspired design DNA

2016 Honda Civic provokes thoughts of “Si” inspired drive performance while sitting in the parked position.

Say what you will about Honda’s next best seller, Civic takes a design cue from the 9th generation Civic Si and supersizes it. While some old-school Honda Civic fans may question Honda’s design directive, we believe that Honda hits the bullseye with 2016 Civic, as to broadening the demographic appeal of Honda’s original compact sedan for North America.

“HondaPro Jason’s” 9th Gen Civic Si “Project Orange” inspires


looking to the photo above, our friend Jason Richmond of “HondaPro Jason” fame parks his “King Motorsports Unlimited” prepared 2014 Civic Si next to Honda’s next best seller. When comparing 9th to 10th generation Civic design cues, the apple hasn’t fallen too far away from the tree as to 10th Generation Honda Civic body design. The future forward design DNA is unquestionably Honda Civic.

Unmistakable Honda brand identity

Night or day, there’s no mistaking 2016 Civic Sedan for anything other than a Honda, as this exceptionally well proportioned turbocharged touring sedan displays its Civic Si design DNA.

Alloy wheels, hood, front cowling, headlight assembly, grill and engine air intake placement, all Civic Si or Acura ILX inspired.

As is often said: “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Take a look at how Honda has pushed Civic to the top of the compact car segment through punctuated “H” design aspects and a balance of monochrome - bling mixology.

2016 Civic body and cockpit design evokes a sense of new found drive performance

Jason’s 2014 Civic Si i-VTEC engine is pumped up to 300+ horsepower, thanks to the addition of a C.T. Engineering supercharger, IMT intercooler, upgraded performance exhaust, unrestricted intake airflow and performance chip.

Suspension modification to “Project Orange” was executed by the only “Mugen” certified shop in the U.S.. With 25,000 miles showing on the odometer, Jason tells us that the Si, performance modified since break-in, remains mechanically trouble-free.

For the # 1 Honda fan in North America, transitioning out of the seat of “Project Orange” into the upgraded confines of Honda’s 2016 Civic turbocharged sedan was anything but disappointing

Awesome! HondaPro Jason shares with us that on his first drive of 2016 Civic Touring, he was pleasantly surprised by the overall drive performance, interior quiet and comfort found in the slightly longer, wider and lower 10th Generation Civic sedan. Placing a verbal emphasis on a new found quiet, Jason tips his hat to Honda Engineering for a job well done.

In a world according to Jason, Honda has taken the best selling (retail) compact car in North America to the next level in engine performance, driver and passenger comfort and what we like to call “ driveability.” * Thanks Jason for the photo...

Look for 2016 Civic first drive impressions, price, specifications and dealership availability dates here October 19.


PFR (not verified)    October 14, 2015 - 10:41PM

I have a question about the upcoming 2016-2017 Honda Civic Si.

Has anyone heard anything about whether or not the Civic Si will offer an automatic CVT or manu-matic transmission in addition to the classic 6MT?

By my logic, the Si used to be the Honda purists' daily driver. With the release of the Honda Civic Type-R, the Si is no longer the creme de la creme for the enthusiast. That makes the Si a sporty mid-level instead of the performance halo. A relationship similar to what a Camaro is to a Corvette. The enthusiast will shoot for the insane Type R which will definitely be manual only. That gives the Honda purists less reason to complain about offering the Si with the OPTION of more than just a manual.

Additionally - let me add that I can drive a 6MT like a champ. My family is originally South American, and everyone drives stick in the lands of our brothers below the equator. And though I love driving stick... I confess I don't love driving it all the time. Bumper to bumper traffic and commuting simply sucks with a stick. I learned that the hard way. An AT is often times so much more convenient. And - the new manu-matic trainees can shift faster than any human being can which means better performance.

So - my question: has anyone heard any news about whether the Si might come with an Auto CVT or Manu-matic? Here's to hoping!

- Honda Lover

Parks McCants    October 15, 2015 - 12:48AM

In reply to by PFR (not verified)

Welcome PFR. I like the way you think. Here's what I know from talking to project engineers at the 2016 Civic national press introduction. NADA... As to 2016 Civic Si specifications and date of dealership availability. But, there is a rumor circulating the virtual water cooler that Honda may reveal the 2016 Si at the SEMA Las Vegas Show November 3. Keep in touch, we'll know very soon. I'm with you, and 8 speed DCT with paddle shifting would be nice. Take care.

HondaPro Jason (not verified)    October 16, 2015 - 4:48PM

I'm have been a big fan of Torque News for a while. I enjoy the way the blogs are written, always with great photography and a bit of humor. I'm really honored that my car is featured in this new 2016 Honda Civic blog. Thank You guys and keep up the great work! #HondaCivic

HondaPro Jason

Parks McCants    October 16, 2015 - 11:22PM

In reply to by HondaPro Jason (not verified)

Welcome HondaPro Jason. Back at you my friend. Your readership and heartfelt compliment is much appreciated. Very nice Si by the way! Hope to catch a ride in it sooner than later. Wishing you continued success in all of your endeavors. Parks.

Brianvegas (not verified)    October 18, 2015 - 1:18PM

Looking forward to comparisons of the 2015 Civic Si with the new 2016 Civic Si. What are the major differences and/or improvements? In general, are the advances a major change? What do you see coming in the next two years?