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2016 Honda Civic ready to roll, NJ dealership shares order list

Thanks to tipster Michael Accardi, 2016 Civic fans now have a realistic estimate of the dealership E.T.A. of Honda’s next best seller.

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Friday afternoon found Armen Hareyan executive publisher of TorqueNews.Com receiving a viable tip from our friends at “10thCivicforum.Com.” Thanks to Michael, as passed onto the site by forum member “HondaGeek” East Coast Honda fans now have a realistic time of arrival, colors and trim variants destined for New Jersey.

According to our sources at American Honda Motors, and as reported earlier by Torque News

The initial 2016 Honda Civic production rollout will be limited to the 1.5 liter turbocharged CVT sedan and the base model 2.0 liter normally aspirated 4 cylinder 6 speed manual transmission. You may catch our latest 2016 Civic article here.

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As experienced with the introduction of the 2015 Honda Fit and the 2016 HR-V, initial production will be limited. We predict that most dealerships in North America will receive no more than 2 examples of the EX and LX trim variant on the initial production run.

According to A.H.M, (American Honda Motors) a coupe and hopefully Si variant will come on line before the end of 2015, with the Civic 5 door hatchback and the English built 2017 Type-R following in mid to late 2016.

We put in a call to “HondaGeek, He ain’t talkin’

None the less, here’s his cut list and estimated time of arrival. Enjoy! *We note 24 Honda Civics ordered for the last quarter of 2015. However, only one is confirmed on the initial shipment list.

On-Order: below you will all Civics, colors, trims and their scheduled build dates

2.0 Engine (Sedan)

LX (Black/Black) 10/27-10/31
LX (Black/Black) 10/24-10/28
LX (Black/Black) 10/24-10/28

LX (Modern Steel/Gray) 10/28-11/01

LX (Modern Steel/Black) 10/26-10/30

LX (Rallye Red/Black) 10/20-10/24

LX (Burgundy Night Pearl/Ivory) 10/17-10/21

LX (Alabaster Silver/Black) 10/24-10/28

LX (Tafetta White/Ivory) 10/28-11/01

EX (Black/Black) 10/18-10/22
EX (Black/Black) 10/20-10/24

EX (Modern Steel/Gray) 10/21-10/25
EX (Modern Steel/Black) 10/21-10/25

EX (White Orchid Pearl/Ivory) 10/25-10/29
EX (White Orchid Pearl/Ivory) 10/21-10/25

EX with Honda Sensing (Modern Steel/Black) 10/25-1029
EX with Honda Sensing (Modern Steel/Black) 10/26-10/30
EX with Honda Sensing (White Orchid Pearl/Ivory) 10/28-11/01

1.5 Turbo Engine (Sedan)

EX (Black/Black) 10/26-10/30

EX (Modern Steel/Black) 10/26-10/30

EX-L Navi (Modern Steel/Black) 10/24-10/31

Touring (Cosmic Blue Metallic/Gray) 10/27-10/31

Touring (Black/Black) 10/13-10/17

In-Transit: once a vehicle has been manufactured it is assigned a VIN# in addition to an estimated time of arrival (ETA) to its final destination (dealer).

LX (Rallye Red/Black) ETA 10/28-11/01

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