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2016 Honda Civic Coupe buyer considers trim package value after purchase

It’s not unusual to experience a bit of buyer’s remorse after signing on the bottom line. What are you getting for your dollar?


Buying a new car is a major rite of passage for many young adults in North America. Monday morning’s e-mail came with a tale of buyer’s remorse from a new Honda Civic coupe owner that had opted for a base trim 2016 Civic LX coupe without test driving higher trim levels based on MSRP.

3 days later he’s having second thoughts about his purchase after weighing the missing options that he’d like to have on his ride, and now wonders if he should have opted for the mid trim level EX-T. The dealer assures him that there’s no “cooling off” period in California -- true enough, and won’t take his car back in on trade without a major financial ding. Read our latest 2016 Civic coupe news here.

Seriously Bro? Apples to oranges there’s a measurable difference between the base 2.0 normally aspirated CVT shifted LX Civic coupe and the 1.5 Liter CVT shifted turbocharged Civic EX-T, however, I believe that each offering comes with a different drive dynamic, both good.

Here’s the thing. When a young buyer is up against a monthly payment limit, based on income to debt ratio, student loans, time on the job,etc, sometimes that additional $2600 at time of purchase can make the difference between application rejection and loan approval. $40 or $50 per month can make the difference between eating 2 for $1 dollar Jack in the Crack tacos at the end of the month or taking that significant other out to dinner.

Just traded off his 2004 manually shifted beater

True enough, our fellow forum participant alpineshepard misses manually shifting his Civic. And, although day 2 finds him getting used to his CVT shifted 158 horsepower 2016 LX Civic Coupe, he’s now Jonesing for a Turbo. Here’s how I feel about it. Even in its base offering, the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe is the most dynamic and affordable offering in the compact coupe segment. Enjoy it!


Patrick (not verified)    June 16, 2016 - 1:20PM

Parks - I completely agree with you! I say enjoy the heck out of the beautiful 2016 Civic Coupe LX and forget the rest for now. He can upgrade to an EX-T at a later date when the time is right.