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2016 Acura MDX may be safest foul weather SUV in North America

Driving 2016 Acura MDX SH-AWD with advanced drivetrain and safety features is much akin to running on train-tracks, even in the rain! MDX may be the safest SUV offered in North America today, here’s why…

It’s an eerier feeling! The first time 2016 Acura MDX shakes the steering wheel for you while tightening your safety harness and applying torque to the inside-turn drive wheels of the vehicle; most driver’s that are used to making driving adjustments to changing road and weather conditions without near-autonomous driving assistance, may be just a bit freaked out!

Looking for the “off” button for a handful of the most advanced active safety features in today’s automotive world, Torque News came to the conclusion that 2016 Acura MDX may just be the safest, most standard featured-tech rich enabled SUV in the world today; regardless of price-point.
EarthDreams ™ V6 power, smart handling all wheel drive and rain sensing windshield wipers work together with a suite of exceptional passive and active safety features to produce an exceptional, safe driving and ride experience in all weather conditions.

While driving in a torrential downpour the MDX driver and passengers may sense an experience of exceptional interior quiet and noteworthy drive stability. Actually, outside of intermittent rain-inhibited visibility, and the muffled sound of water on the roadway, Torque News noticed no discernible difference in MDX handling when comparing a dry-road drive experience to a wet one. That’s the beauty of Acura’s (SH-AWD) smart handling all-wheel drive, ABS and electronic distributed braking, superior body rigidity.

For 2016: Acura once again presents an exceptional SUV drive and ownership experience by taking a proven winning formula to the next level in safety and comfort. In this article we discuss the benefits of Acura’s 9 speed automatic transmission and (IDS) drive mode selection. Torque News found this technology to be invaluable while taking MDX on and off the road in wet weather conditions.

By engaging the “sport” mode when traveling down-grade in wet weather, MDX technology takes away the need for excessive braking while effectively”downshifting,” and automatically holding MDX in a lower gear(engine braking.) Just one of the many driving and safety features afforded through Acura MDX technology while traveling in foul weather. You may read 2016 Acura MDX features and specifications here.