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2015 Honda IndyCar Aero Kit elevates the art of downforce

IndyCar is a unique animal in the world of auto racing. The playing field remains exceptionally level and winning a race is dependent on the reliability of the engine, fuel conservation and ultimately, driving skill. In walks Honda Power Development with the latest innovation in downforce and drag reduction technology.


Walking pit row at IndyCar Series of Sonoma Raceway last fall, one noticed a subtle difference in wind-direction down force wings and things prevalent within the wild paint theme of individual team entrants. Every inch of an Indy car is designed or redesigned for optimum drag reduction, wind deflection or re-direction and optimal downforce, when called for.

Sitting on the ground at 200 mph

These up-sized go-karts(it’s a mind-blower how small they are in person) have a natural tendency toward flight take-off. At 200+ mph it is the primary purpose of the Aero Kit shown in the above photo to keep the Honda Powered turbocharged Dallara IndyCar chassis on the ground in turns, and on the sprint straightaway while adequately cooling the engine, drive components, brakes and tires, in that order.

For 2015 Chevrolet and Honda, the only engine manufacturer in the series, take IndyCar performance to the next level through the advancement of a multiple-faceted and infinitely transformable Aero Kit. The kit pictured above is applied to the Dallara chassis in variable configurations to suspension “tune” the individual car to track, temperature and everchanging weather conditions.

HPD kicks performance up a notch

According to Honda Performance Development’s President Art St. Cyr, the Aero Kit as viewed above was CAD and CFD computer developed, simulator tested and track tested with the cooperation of Team Andretti. Art tells us that thousands of hours of R&D led to what you see above. We look forward to seeing it run this year in IndyCar. It will be interesting to see how far Honda’s 6 IndyCar Teams go with the visual flexibility and fan-recognizability factor afforded to them by this state of the racing art Aero Kit.

TorqueNews-Honda believes that HPD’s latest invention elevates the art of downforce.