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2015 Honda CR-V Vibration Fix: Service Bulletin TSB-15-046 Revisited

We’re still receiving negative comments on our CR-V Vibration-Fix Forum from 2015 CR-V SUV owners, who either haven't read American Honda Motors’ proposed vibration remedy, or haven't followed through with the proposed repair.

Disclosure: Honda -Torque News, while happily affiliated with the Honda brand through the generation of this brand specific news column, remains impartial as to the opinion generated assessment of Honda Automobiles, Motorcycles, power sports and equipment. Our drive and product reviews are based on qualified observation, hands on the wheel drive review, first hand operation of Honda power generators, and various brand Honda small engine powered construction and garden/yard related power equipment.

With that said, let’s get on with it

As a service to our readers, a CR-V owners forum was established in late 2nd quarter 2015, to facilitate not only a voice for our rightfully concerned CR-V owners, but to also share American Honda’s response to a known and acknowledged vibration issue, specific to the (then) recently engine and CVT upgraded 2015 CR-V.. We drive a 2015 Honda CR-V with 10,000 miles on the O.D.. Still perfect!

While the vibration was often intermittent, with various cause and effect scenarios specific to the individual vehicle owner, American Honda generated a dealership service bulletin that addressed several possible vibration cause and effects, and mechanical/ programming fixes performed within warranty, and left to the discretion of the independently owned Honda dealership’s service writer to discern, recommend and appropriately execute at will.

We’ve received mixed reviews as to dealership cooperation in this known issue

Here’s a rather common-experience generated comment from a reader: We don’t know him, or his intent or personal motivations. But, as consumers first, auto writers second, we feel his pain

Don wrote on 2017, February 7
*Bought new in 2015 CRV. "I took it back to the dealership 3 times. I called Honda and Honda said that they wanted to change the software. I picked up the CRV later in the day. If anything vibration was worse. I got a call from corporate Honda rep. They said they were sorry but at this point I was on my own."

"REALLY? on my own. There are some class action suites going on with this issue. The Honda rep told me I should join in the class action suit because at this point there was nothing else they could do. They knew this was an issue while they were still selling them. I sold Hondas for quite a while. WHY? because of their dependability and resale value." " I would have been fired if I had treated a customer the way Honda is treating loyal Honda owners over this issue. I just want my CRV fixed PERIOD. When I sell it and some body researches the vehicle I guess resale went out the door. Thanks Honda for NOTHING. $32,000.00 worth of nothing." wrote Dan. 2015_Honda_CR-V_McCantsMy response

Parks McCants wrote on 2017, February 7
"In reading your comment, I find no mention of the CR-V service repair bulletin. It was quite extensive, and covered several possible cause and effect remedies for CR-V. Follow through, and then please let the community know if your vibration issue was resolved."

We can complain, kick our feet, and if all else fails, take a long-shot at that ever elusive and protracted class-action lawsuit.

Me, I’d rather give Honda another phone call. Here’s their phone number.


Forethought (not verified)    February 8, 2017 - 5:22PM

Our 2015 CR-V began to experience the vibration symptoms at around 7000 miles, at idle and at approximately 1500 RPM. The vibration was intermittent but quite noticeable when it occurred. The dealer performed all TSB-15-046 countermeasures recommended for Mode 1 and Mode 2 vibration issues and the vibration was gone. We received no push back from the dealer at all, even though it was my wife, not me, who dropped the CR-V off for service. Anticipating "dealer reluctance", I'd even provided her with a copy of the TSB but she never needed to pull it out.

The CR-V now has gone about 25,000 miles and is still vibration free.

Robert Lewis (not verified)    October 19, 2017 - 12:51AM

Purchased a new 2015 CR-V in October 2014, $33,000, fully loaded with Nav. The vibration was fairly extreme, in-particular at highway speeds 60mph +. Took back to our dealer @ 825 miles. There was no TSB at that time... dealer supposedly swapped out all 4 tires/wheels from a 2015 loaner vehicle. Vibration was still there. Complained about it with every oil change. Finally, in 2016 while in for service and again mentioning the vibration, the service rep said there was now a “fix”. The dealership did all three “Mode” update(s) and parts replacements, as the TSB called for. Vibration still there with comments being on the Service Ticket by the Service Mgr attesting such. The DIstrict Service Mgr came to the dealership a week later... he drove the CRV, acknowledged the vibration and directed the deslership to replace both drive assemblies. Vibration still there and was again avknowledged on the Service Ticket along with the statement the vibration is a “normal characteristic” of the CRV. He also had Honda issue a $200 Honda gift card for our troubles. At my suggestion, Honda also provided a 6 year/80,000 miles Extended Service Contract (w/$100 deductible). It has now been 30k miles and 36 months later andvthe vibration is as bad as ever. The dealership has no interest in attempting to find a fix... I assume because it would be out of the dealership’s pocket. The Service Writers and the Service Mgr will readily offer there are still lots of folks experiencing the vibration. I find it disingenuous for torquenews to state people are still complaining and accusing them of not going to their dealer for resolution...

Don (not verified)    February 23, 2018 - 12:31PM

In reply to by Robert Lewis (not verified)

I have a post on this site that I spoke about the CRV and that I have had it in the service dept. 3 times over the vibration issue. The CRV has now been in the shop 6 times from the vibration issue. The district manager has been to the dealership 4 times over my CRV issue. 2 weeks ago the district Mngr. and a tech went for a ride. It started vibrating. I asked them both do you feel that vibration. They both said yes. She tells me that's just the way the motor was made. I said really? are you kidding me? I said then why have you been down here 4 times and tried to fix it 6 times if this is normal? She had no answer Corporate puppet much? I told her I have sold Hondas and been in car sales for 15years. She then really shut up. We got back to the dealership and they wanted to keep the CRV over night again. I was told nothing was done. What's CRAZY to me is they put me in a 2017 CRV for a courtesy vehicle while they had mine. Kind of STUPID in my opinion. Why would you put a customer in a CRV that has no vibration? I know they were trying to up sale me into a new CRV. NO WAY I want mine fixed PERIOD.I was just called by a corporate rep. informing me that all test and fixes have been applied and vehicle runs as it should. WOW!! really? What else are they going to say. I looked up lemon law in Texas after 3 times in the dealership to fix a problem you now have a lemon law case. I will be taking the CRV to 10 different certified mechanic businesses and will pay for them to drive the CRV and give an opinion on this vehicle vibration. I will be going to news papers and TV news shows also. This is not right what they have let happen to us 2015 CRV consumers. I love Hondas and it is just sad that no one can fix this vehicle. I have had loyalty for Honda for many years. Wish they had the same for me. My warranty will be running out in May 2018. We live 4 hours from Houston. This is where are Grand children are. My wife will not take the CRV on long trips because of the vibration scares her. We have only put 29k on the CRV in 3 years because we are concerned it may just break down. The vibration is getting worse and worse. I have had many friends in the vehicle with us and everyone of them said man why does it shake. I would tell them Honda says that's the way it is. Even they cannot believe that Honda says the vibration is normal

Jade (not verified)    April 6, 2024 - 12:50AM

In reply to by Robert Lewis (not verified)

I have the same issues did the same vibration issues. I reported the issues well within the warranty but when doing so I asked if there were any recalls pertaining to vibration issues. My service advisor would search for recalls and say no. Only to find out years later but documented within warranty period that its a service bulletin - transmission mount and/or motor mount. Honda Corporation wants me to pay $1000 to have it fixed. BUT there was a winning class action lawsuit stating that Honda was to inform and repair free of cost to anyone owning or leasing a CR-V with this issue. Google 2015 Honda CR-V vibration issue class action lawsuits/settlement.

John Wilson (not verified)    January 3, 2018 - 3:15PM

My 2015 Honda CRV AWD has 38K miles and runs great purchased new. Vibration issue resolved in the following way. 1) never use the ECO button - I used mine for about 50 mi at first and turned it off - stopped much of the vibration problem. 2) turn on your headlights when using the car - always. This resolved most of the vibration problem. 3) purchase good name brand gas - same brand always (or as much as possible) . 4) do not have software fix. Your 2015 Honda CRV will run great.

Dave G. (not verified)    January 18, 2018 - 10:27AM

Couldn't Honda replace the engine mounts with Hydraulic mounts? The acuras have them and don't appear to have any vibration issues. Guess it would cost honda too much, so they went with a bandaid fix instead... :/

John Rolker (not verified)    May 25, 2018 - 5:20PM

bought used 2015 Honda CR-V from Honda dealer
vibration was noticed at idle and when foot taken off of gas (deceleration)
vehicle returned to dealer within 30 day period and they would not acknowledge the vibration or any service bulletins (obviously not TSB15-046)
use has not included use of ECO button and lights have remained in automatic on
have not tried different gas..high test recommended or just different brand? any other suggestions?

Melanie Sink (not verified)    April 29, 2019 - 3:28PM

Curious to know how many people went it for Honda "fix" but are still having issues with vibration. I purchased a used 2015 not knowing of the issue. I have had it a week and cannot stand the vibration. It is going in tomorrow for the "fix" fingers crossed.

geo (not verified)    February 22, 2020 - 1:20PM

In reply to by Melanie Sink (not verified)

Bought a four-year-old CRV 2015 with only 11k miles. noticed the vibration right off. Had it in the shop on warranty three times. they did all the fixes including changing the drive shaft, reflashing the transmisson software, replacing the mounts. Even replaced transmission fluid. Still vibrates even worse when driving on the road at 2100 and 1100rpm. Now they are saying it is just the way the vehicle works.
So does anybody know what exactly is vibrating?

JB (not verified)    December 3, 2019 - 12:25PM

48 hours into ownership of a 2016 with 70K for teen driver.

Sitting at light seat vibration started for me.
Shift to Neutral and no vibration.
Wife noticed day1 before in passenger seat.
VIN starts with 3.

Owens (not verified)    June 16, 2020 - 12:02PM

In reply to by JB (not verified)

I have a 20-5 CRV . I have had problems very early. I purchased my car new. Within a year I was told my my service agent that they were going to change my transmission at no charge to me. Of course when I got the car back I was told everything was repaired . Well it wasn’t and the transmission wasn’t changed either. I have recently been told in all my service records there was no record of the transmission being changed.
I found a text to someone I know that is an FBI agent with her text to me saying she hoped I get my car back soon after the transmission is replaced . This message is dated during the time my car was in the shop for 2 or 3 days at least for what I believed and was told the transmission was being changed and that would fix the problem. Yes I do know who told me that at the dealership service department. I also have someone that remembers when my car went in for the replacement. She said I can’t believe that is being done because the car was only about a year old at the time. My grandchild even said while in his car seat what is happening why does my car shake?? He said I do t like it. Now that wasn’t prompted in any way. He was 3 at the time. I drove a Honda for years before this one. Can’t someone help me? Tell me about the class action suit. I do like my dealership . I don’t think they were aware of what I was told. Honda should take care of me. Considering I was misled .