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2015 Acura TLX GT effort red flagged Mid-Ohio

The 2015 Acura TLX GT looked at home in the midst of international and domestic superstars. the 11th round of PWC was red flagged for rain and ended. We think Acura would have dominated Mid-Ohio in rain conditions.

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Arguably with SH-AWD technology and torque vectoring, the 2015 TLX GT has a racing advantage under rainy track conditions. Such was the final few minutes of Saturdays' 11th leg of the Pirelli World Challenge series. Unfortunately for RealTime Racing and Acura, their first race of the series was sidelined as cars slid off the flooded roadways of Mid-Ohio. What would Cunningham have done on a green flag restart?

Ohio Summer weather is ever changing and unpredictable. As indicated by headlights coming on in the first few laps, the race course changed very quickly. Saturday proved to be no exception to weather delays. As a torrential downpour 'red flagged' the 11th leg of the Pirelli World Challenge at Honda’s home track Mid-Ohio, all hope of RealTime Racing reaching the podium was dashed.

The torrential downpour caught several teams running on slicks and subsequently running off of the track. Pit stops are rare in PWC, and in this case driver’s weighed the possibility of the rain subsiding before coming into the pits for a tire change. This resulted in several accidents. Peter Cunningham and RealTime racing was not one of them. From where we sat, Cunningham was in brilliant control of the TLX GT at all times.

While Cunningham ran at the back of the pack for much of the race, we found the car’s(visual) road performance to be rock steady. We’re assuming that Cunningham, the most experienced driver on the track was assessing the Acura’s finer performance and handling nuances while waiting for his move. When all hell broke loose, he found it.

By the time the proverbial smoke had cleared, the Acura Realtime Racing built TLX GT sat behind the red flag in 7th position, in what remained of a very competitive field.

We can only speculate as to Cunningham’s finishing position had the race been restarted. Unfortunately that was not to be. As the clock ran down and the downpour subsided(a bit) the cars were ordered to turn off their engines and minutes later the race was called for weather.

We believe that diehard Acura racing fans took a collective sigh of relief. After all, the Acura 2015 TLX GT and Peter Cunningham had come off of the track and into the pits in one piece. A beautiful car, a good drive, Acura and Cunningham ran a commendable “break in” Saturday. He did exactically what he said he would do. Sometimes winning a race is simply making it back into the pits with no mechanical breakdowns or crashes.

Congratulations to Peter Cunningham and RealTime Racing; we look forward to Sunday.

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