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GMC Announces First Deliveries Of Hummer EV

It has been a long time coming, but GMC revealed today that it has finally completed the first customer-bound Hummer EV pickups with deliveries expected to begin immediately.
Posted: December 17, 2021 - 3:25PM
Author: Carl Malek

The Hummer EV pickup (and the SUV version) have had a long and publicized road to production and GM has documented the various milestones that the EV has reached in its quest to reach customers. GM has revealed that the first examples of the EV have been completed and are on their way to dealer lots.

First Production Trucks Leave The Assembly Line

A key part of this achievement is the bold and aggressive timeline that GMC followed during the Hummer's development. The company wanted to try and get the EV to customers as quickly as possible. While Rivian did beat GM to the market with the R1T, the Hummer EV will be the second pickup in the market with the 9,000 lb EV beating the Ford F-150 Lightning to dealerships.

“We brought this truck to market with speed and agility and brought GM another step closer to an all-electric future,” said GM President Mark Reuss. “With our Ultium Platform as the foundation for a broad range of applications, the GMC HUMMER EV offers our customers the ultimate in capability and performance.”

Hummer Ev assembly line readout

Vin #001 will begin the first wave of Edition 1 models which will make up the entire Hummer launch lineup for 2022. These rigs are loaded to the brim with luxury, technology, and performance with the triple electric motor setup producing 1,000 hp. Other welcome features include a built-in Watts To freedom mode, a crab walk mode for off-roading, and the latest version of Super Cruise. VIN #001 will also be familiar to those that follow the Barrett Jackson collector car auction with this particular Hummer being sold for charity at Scottsdale earlier this year. The proceeds from that auction went to the Tunnels To Towers Foundation which helps build homes for injured veterans.

Reservations Still Available For Rest Of Lineup

Hummer EV assembly line audience

While the Edition 1 models are sadly sold out, GMC did reveal that reservations are still open for buyers looking to get their hands on other Hummer trims. They include the lower tiers of the pickup's trim ladder as well as those of the upcoming Hummer SUV. These models will make their respective production debuts in the next few years and GMC has promised in the past that every reservation holder will get their Hummer once it goes through the assembly process.

Photos and Video Credit: General Motors

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