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GMC Confirms 329 Mile Range For Hummer EV

GMC is ramping up preparations for the launch of the Hummer EV lineup, and has rapidly accelerated this effort with a series of bombshell details that add more weight to GM's claims of it being a revolutionary force in the EV segment with the company revealing the final range for the Edition 1 and when the first deliveries will begin.
Posted: November 23, 2021 - 7:25PM
Author: Carl Malek

When GMC first unveiled the Hummer EV, it was in pickup form, and it was readily apparent that GM was taking the development of this model very seriously. The initial stats were promising, with the pickup in range-topping Edition 1 spec producing 1,000 hp thanks to the aid of three electric motors and the revolutionary Ultium battery pack technology. But GMC withheld details such as final range numbers, and final distribution data, until now.

Hummer EV Beats F-150 Lighting With 329 Miles Of Range

GMC revealed new details about the Hummer during an update call with journalists. GMC Vice President Duncan Aldred was a prominent presence and used his stage time to reveal that an Edition 1 Hummer model can achieve 329 miles of range between charges. That figure beats the 300 miles of range that a Ford F-150 Lightning can achieve when properly equipped, and it's even more remarkable when you consider that the Hummer weighs over 9,000 lbs and generates 1,000 hp in Edition 1 guise.

Aldred also revealed that this figure is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, with lesser models able to achieve even higher figures. However, he stopped far short of divulging that bit of information to the assembled press. We suspect that the higher numbers are partially due to having fewer electric motors and cutting some of the luxury-focused equipment to help shed some pounds. A Hummer SUV will eventually join the pickup, but that model will arrive on the scene once the bulk of the Hummer pickup range hits dealerships.

Hummer EV Surpasses 60k Reservations Barrier

In addition to disclosing the official range figure, GMC also revealed that both the Hummer pickup and SUV recorded over 60,000 reservations from early adopters. The pickup leads the way with 70 percent, while the SUV makes up the remaining 30 percent of reservations on GMC's order books. The brand confirmed some time ago that the Edition 1 model would be the lone offering available at launch, so it's no surprise that 80% of the early pre-orders were for Edition 1 spec rigs. Lesser trims make up a smaller but still sizable chunk of the order pool despite those models making their buyers wait a bit longer to sign on the dotted line.

Hummer rear shot

GMC also revealed that it's had over 125,000 people show interest in owning a Hummer EV and these figures also serve as a measurable barometer of just how effective GM's efforts at promoting the Hummer's return have been with the company in the midst of an aggressive marketing campaign both on social media and the broader online landscape.

Hummer Coming To Dealerships In December

In addition to the official range estimate, GMC also revealed that production of the Hummer EV is slated to begin in the next few days at GM's Factory Zero plant in Hamtramck, Michigan, with the first completed units making their way to dealerships towards the end of December. The first launch models will be exclusively Edition 1 models, with GM using all of 2022 to produce them.

Things get more interesting in 2023 when the company begins producing other Hummer models like the 3X, 2X, and base 2. These models will be the true indicator of the Hummer's long-term success, especially since they will be the trims that help bring in a broader mix of customers to GMC showrooms versus the pricey Edition 1.

For now, the first shipments will go exclusively to those that placed a reservation. Still, while the wait for some of these customers stretches into 2022 and beyond, GMC guarantees that everyone will get their Hummer, and it aims to honor all reservations for the pickup and its SUV counterpart.

Photo Credit: General Motors

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