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Tesla Cybertruck Expected To Deliver 10,000 Units By End Of 2023

The Austin, Texas company has taken years to develop it, but everything indicates that the good news will finally arrive in 2023. Gary Black, a major Tesla investor, has just announced that more than 10,000 deliveries of the Cybertruck electric pick-up are expected to be made this year.

The Tesla Cybertruck is probably one of the most famous pick-up trucks in the EV industry worldwide; its shape and technical specifications make it practically unique in the electric pick-up segment. Precisely for this reason the general public has been asking for its arrival for years, something that is estimated will happen this very year, 2023. Gary Black - a prominent investor, fund manager and Tesla Investment Advisor - pointed out a few days ago to “The Street” that Tesla could deliver more than 10,000 Cybertruck units before the end of this year.

Is this a bold comment? In general, if we look at Gary Black's track record, he tends to give his statements in a very straightforward way, no matter how much they bother, make happy or affect important company representatives, investors or the general public. That is why the word of this renowned investor is in fact trustworthy and could very well have certain important points to make.

Tesla Cybertruck, courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Tesla stated on numerous occasions that this will be the case: the Cybertruck will begin production in 2023. However, the brand also pointed out that although its manufacturing start will take place this year, the large number of units, that is, ramp up production will not happen until the beginning of 2024. In other words, based on Tesla's own statements, it is likely that even the company finds it difficult to meet 2023 with 10,000 deliveries of the Cybertruck.

It has recently been revealed that the Tesla Cybertruck, in essence, is fully ready to go into production since the brand has already received the - now famous - Giga Press, a press/cast that will shape the structure of the car and that will be the largest in the world. That said, and although manufacturing could already begin in general terms, there are still many sections, details and other key features that the brand must complete before putting the vehicle on the road; hence its long delay.

Tesla has recently hosted countless metal casting, welders and fabrication experts for the Cybertruck in Austin; many coming from China, where some vehicles are already being manufactured in this way, although on a smaller scale and size. This means that once the brand has the Giga Press squeezed and ready, the manufacture of large units could be accelerated more quickly than expected.

Of course, once the Tesla Cybertruck does actually goes into mass production and reaches the public, it will undoubtedly be a total revolution for the EV industry, both for Tesla and for the public. The vehicle has been a dream for a truly long time, but the reality is that the brand could actually meet its promises before the end of 2023.

2022 has been a very good year for Tesla's production figures. However, Gary Black points out that this 2023 will be even better and that the Cybertruck could be the great key to this overall success. The investor has high hopes for this long-awaited model, although all the voices around him position his estimate of delivering 10,000 cars as somewhat excessive. It remains to be seen how the events unfold and what Tesla is really capable of in the following months.

The Tesla Cybertruck was officially presented at the end of 2019; after four years of waiting, the first customers of the electric pick-up will be able to finally receive their unit. Tesla wants this to be a model delivered to all main markets around the world, although its own aesthetics and size will make it complicated to be approved (at least in its current version) by authorities in certain territories and continents, such as Europe.

Source: thestreet

All images courtesy of Tesla Inc.

Nico Caballero is the VP of Finance of Cogency Power, specializing in solar energy. He also holds a Diploma in Electric Cars from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands, and enjoys doing research about Tesla and EV batteries. He can be reached at @NicoTorqueNews on Twitter. Nico covers Tesla and electric vehicle latest happenings at Torque News.


Edward Eric Matus (not verified)    January 22, 2023 - 2:50PM

Has any of these geniuses considered the average income in America and how home vs car vs food vs utilities works into that avg person’s budget? Your’e going to need to offer 10 year loans to make all the car companies $50-$75k vehicles salable to the public. Right now the auto industry is pandering to the upper middle class but at some point soon when fossil fueled cars are gone and EVs are the mainstream the prices must come down!

Dariusz Wielenski (not verified)    April 29, 2023 - 2:57PM

In reply to by Edward Eric Matus (not verified)

what about these people
what a few years ago they signed up and paid $100 each????
where is the money and what's next

Eric W Hansen (not verified)    February 26, 2023 - 2:26PM

Well, Gary isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. Elon clearly said the goal is to produce 5000 cybertrucks by EOY, not 10000. It's a setup to manipulate the market EOY, obviously. Gary is like any other second rate analyst, transparently wrong.

Dariusz Wielenski (not verified)    April 29, 2023 - 2:56PM

what about these people
what a few years ago they signed up and paid $100 each????
where is the money and what's next