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What Happens When a Corvette Owner Keys a Tesla?

A Tesla in a parking lot recorded an incident of a Corvette owner keying a Tesla while walking by it.

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Keying a Tesla in the Parking Lot

The owner of a sunshine yellow Corvette decided to key a Tesla that was running sentry mode while in a parking lot. Sentry mode captured some good footage of the offender.

Unfortunately, sentry mode turned off before the license plate of the person keying the Tesla could be recorded. It's unknown if this Tesla was a Model 3, Model Y, or something else. However, there is still good news.

A responding officer responded and was amazed that the Tesla recorded the incident. The police think they'll be able to catch the guy who keyed the car.

The reason is that sentry mode captured a pretty good view of the offender's face. They are also checking usage inside the nearby Target for credit card usage that the criminal did as well as nearby license plate reader cameras during that time.

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Tesla Sentry Mode - A Life Saver

Tesla Sentry Mode is a security feature available on Tesla electric vehicles. It uses the car's external cameras to monitor the surrounding area while the car is parked. If the cameras detect any potential threats, such as someone leaning on the car or attempting to break into it, Sentry Mode will go into alert mode.

In alert mode, Sentry Mode will play loud music through the car's speakers and display a message on the car's center screen warning the potential threat that their actions are being recorded. The car's exterior cameras will continue to record the situation and save the footage for later review.

Sentry Mode was introduced by Tesla in 2019 as a way to give owners of its electric vehicles added peace of mind when leaving their cars unattended. Prior to Sentry Mode, Tesla cars had a "passive" security system that would only activate if someone broke a window or door handle. With Sentry Mode, the car is actively monitoring its surroundings at all times.

One of the key benefits of Sentry Mode is that it deters would-be thieves and vandals. The loud music and warning message are meant to startle and alert anyone who may be considering breaking into the car, and the fact that their actions are being recorded can also serve as a deterrent.

In addition to its deterrent effect, Sentry Mode also provides a valuable source of evidence in the event that a crime is committed. The footage recorded by the car's cameras can be reviewed by the owner or law enforcement to help identify the perpetrator and assist in their prosecution.

Overall, Tesla Sentry Mode is a valuable security feature that provides added peace of mind to Tesla owners and helps protect their vehicles from potential threats. This is especially important in Tesla vehicles, which are a little more expensive and feature-rich, like the Model S and Model X.

Would you get a Tesla and use sentry mode? Do you think it helps deter criminals?

For a video of the event, see this video here.

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Image Credit, Tesla, Screenshot

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