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Tremendous Value With The Tesla Model Y Starting At $29,490 With The Federal Tax Credit and Gas Savings

The Tesla Model Y starts at under $30,000 when the point of sale federal tax credit is factored in with gas savings. This is tremendous value for the money.

Tesla Model Y: Only $29,490

The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling vehicle in the world, and it recently saw price adjustments to lower pricing by $2,000. When you look at the base Model Y, it's available for only $29,490 in the U.S., factoring in the U.S. federal tax credit of $7,500. This is tremendous value for the money.

Here are the current prices when factoring in the U.S. tax credit for each Model Y trim. Keep in mind that these prices factor in gas price savings that are to be had by going to an EV. I'll put the total cost in parentheses next to each.

  • Model Y RWD: $29,490 ($35,490)
  • Model Y Long Range: $34,490 ($40,490)
  • Model Y Performance: $37,990 ($43,990)

The range for each of these vehicles is:

  • Model Y RWD: 260 miles
  • Model Y Long Range: 310 miles
  • Model Y Performance: 279 miles

These ranges may seem lower than in the past, and that is due to EPA standards changing and reflecting real-world range much more closely. That is, you'll likely get the exact range shown here in your driving of these vehicles, assuming regular driving and normal weather.

Elon Musk just shared the base Model Y price on his X account. As gas prices go up, the savings become more significant.

I've also been able to find free charging in numerous places, for those who don't want to pay to charge their EV.

Tesla starts with the price showing savings from gas and the federal tax credit. However, when you go to buy the Model Y, it's important to note that you will pay the price factoring in just the federal tax credit and not the price showing estimated gas savings. Those will come over time as you drive your EV.

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Tesla Model Y - Best Seller

The Tesla Model Y is a bestseller for a reason. It's roomy, much more so than the Model 3, and is one of the safest vehicles one can drive on the road today.

It is also capable of running Tesla FSD - Tesla's software that helps a car drive itself. This software is currently in a state of wide release, which means more, and more customers are going to use it, which will improve the software as well.

There is a big debate raging on when Tesla cars will become autonomous. Some think it's just a couple of years away, while others see it happening a decade or more.

Regardless of where autonomy goes for EVs and Tesla's FSD software ends up becoming a level 4 or level 5 autonomous software platform, the Model Y, even without FSD, is great value for the money.

A RWD long range was even released in Europe, which gets about 350 miles of range. I expect that we may see this kind of variant for the Model Y and Model 3 in the U.S. at some point.

Some customers, like me, would love a long range RWD version.

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What do you think about the Tesla Model Y? Is it great value for the money?

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