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Tesla Vehicles Look So Tiny Compared To Huge Transport Ship As Long Line of Tesla Vehicles Prepare to Be Exported From Giga Shanghai

A flyover drone shows how Tesla exports their vehicles from Giga Shanghai. There are endless lines of Tesla vehicles that look tiny compared to a giant boat that they get on to sail to their destination.

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Tesla Shipping Vehicles Out of Giga Shanghai Port

A huge line of Tesla vehicles at Shanghai Luchao Port Wharf can be seen forming a line and getting ready for export and sail on an enormous boat as cars from Giga Shanghai are getting exported. I would guess that there are at least a thousand cars here getting ready to sail on the boat for export.

This is the beautiful thing about the Internet. Someone half-way around the world with a drone can film the port near Giga Shanghai and show what is happening with all the Tesla vehicles. The drone flying around follows the dock all the way to the giant transport boat. It's amazing how tiny the Tesla vehicles look compared to the boat.

You might also not know this, but the Tesla Cybertruck is currently breaking the internet with multi-millions of views on videos about it in just a few days. One day, I hope we'll see the Cybertruck or some version of it overseas in China and other locations. I do believe there is great interest for it.

I enjoyed watching the cars drive up the ramp and on to the boat. Tesla most likely has numerous boats like these transporting its cars from Giga Shanghai to other locations.

Exports from Giga Shanghai are an important part of Tesla's business right now, however, they will eventually not be.

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Tesla Exports Will Shrink Over Time

Tesla will export over 300,000 vehicles this year from Giga Shanghai to various locations like Europe and Australia, but this is going to shrink over time. The reason for this is that Tesla will build additional Gigafactories around the world.

When Giga Berlin was completed, which took forever, it alleviated some of the export pressure from Giga Shanghai to Europe. It didn't stop it completely, it just lessened the load.

By the way, there are some gorgeous photos of Giga Berlin shown in the snow this winter, with Tesla vehicles everywhere, showing that production is in full force.

The total number of exports from Tesla this year will end up being around 350,000 vehicles. Giga Shanghai is a very efficient factory, able to provide Tesla vehicles to China as well as other locations in the world.

Giga Shanghai is known for being the first location to produce the Model 3 Highland. This is the next evolution of the Model 3 and is a high demand vehicle due to numerous improvements such as a second screen in the back, a simplified interior, and a more efficient aero-dynamic frame resulting in more range.

Giga Shanghai will continue to be a primary export hub for years to come, until all of Tesla's new Gigafactories come up to speed around the world. I expect one of those Gigafactories to be in India and the other, potentially, in Thailand where there is tremendous demand for Tesla vehicles. Representatives from both of those locations recently visited Tesla in Fremont, CA.

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What do you think about these giant lines of Tesla cars getting ready to be shipped away? Will Tesla stop exporting as much eventually with new Gigafactories?

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Image Credit, Wu Wa, Screenshot

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