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Stunning Winter Photos of Giga Berlin: Production In Full Force

Giga Berlin is producing cars at full force and can be seen in some stunning winter photos from a flyover drone.

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Giga Berlin, Stunning Winter Photos

It's been a while since Giga Berlin has been in the news. For a couple of years, it was a nail biter, as delay after delay seemed to be stopping the factory from being built. Fortunately, with piles of documents provided and filed, the factory began official production.

Giga Berlin can be seen in a video here with stunning photos and video showing that the Tesla Gigafactory is in full force with production and the graffiti art can also be seen, signifying this factory as a landmark and unique structure in and of itself.

Giga Berlin Parking Lot

Giga Berlin is a strategically placed factory, directly next to a freeway so that cars built there can immediately begin shipping to prospective customers all across Europe. It is fortunate that this factory was built because Tesla can now build many of its cars for the European market here, instead of exporting from Giga Shanghai.

The freeway near Giga Berlin can be seen under construction, as a bridge is being built over the primary freeway next to Giga Berlin. There is also plenty of land next to Giga Berlin for expansion.

If you look closely at the video, you can see the inside of Giga Berlin and a bunch of castings - most likely for the Model Y. Piles of castings can also be seen on the ground next to the factory.

It's good to see Giga Berlin production in full force, regardless of the weather.

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Giga Berlin - Production Is In Full Force

Production at Giga Berlin is indeed at full force, regardless of the winter weather. The primary vehicle built here is the Model Y.

This factory also builds its battery cells in-house along with the EVs. The factory provides competitive compensation to its workers and is an important step in the advent of sustainable energy.

Tesla has specific job openings for the "cell team", which is a focus on making the batteries that power its electric vehicles.

Batteries are an incredibly important part of building an EV. In order for EVs to flood the earth and for EVs to be viable as the primary transportation source, battery efficiency must go up, and the costs must go down.

Giga Berlin Work Site

Tesla is trying to get to terawatt-hour-scale and will need to rethink its manufacturing process with its in-house cell team.

I believe Tesla will get there, but it will take time - many years or even decades, in fact.

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What do you think about these photos from Giga Berlin in winter? Is production in full force at Giga Berlin?

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Image Credit, Tobias Lindh, Screenshot

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