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Tesla Delivers First Model Y Vehicles on Trucks Directly From Giga Berlin

We have pictures of what appear to be the first Model Y deliveries to customers from Giga Berlin, something we've been waiting for since the 30 Model Y vehicles were given to customers at the opening event.


Tesla Delivers First Model Y Vehicles on Trucks Directly From Giga Berlin

Today, a very important development is taking place with Giga Berlin. We've been waiting for this and Tesla is delivering Model Y vehicles on trucks from Giga Berlin. It's different from handing over the first 30 Model Y vehicles at the opening event to moving to serious production. Model Y vehicles on the road on trucks for delivery is a step toward serious production.

There are 3 images showing Tesla Model Y vehicles being delivered directly from Giga Berlin. The Model Y vehicles are not pre-production or test vehicles. They are actual vehicles being taken to customers for delivery. Delivery centers in Germany have already been supplied and these are serious models.

The delivery centers in Germany are supplied with vehicles - either pre-production for the show room, and also the vehicles being delivered to customers for sale. It's good to see Tesla Giga Berlin producing some revenue now with actual deliveries to customers.

Environmental Groups for Giga Berlin

Environmental groups are demanding access to the application documents for Giga Berlin. The environmental organizations have logged an objection to the approval and want access to the documents so they can decide on further legal action.

Nabu and the Green League accused the State Office for the Environments of delaying or refusing the application documents being submitted. They don't see them being update with Tesla's documents. The access to the first must now be enforced through appeals. The environmentalists have repeatedly called for a halt to Giga Berlin due to water. It seems we've been through this many times...

Tesla has been approved by the government, and I don't see any complaints stopping the factory from running and producing cars now. The factory is set to reach a 500,000 yearly run rate once full capacity is reached. There were a large number of conditions which were finally met 2 weeks ago.

What do you think about the trucks leaving Giga Berlin with Model Y vehicles? Are these actually cars for customers?

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Image Credit, BestInTESLA, Screenshot