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Hordes of Tesla Vehicles Await Export at Giga Shanghai

There is a picture at Shanghai port of a horde of Tesla vehicles awaiting transport. This confirms that Giga Shanghai is at full production.


Tesla Giga Shanghai - a Horse of Tesla Vehicles

We have some of the latest drone footage at Shanghai port showing a horde of Tesla vehicles waiting for export. They are filling the parking lot with barely any space available. This answers many questions about Giga Shanghai and its production capacity.

Many have been wondering if Tesla demand has fallen, but this picture shows that it indeed has not. This may not be the most vehicles ever exported by Tesla, but it looks close.

There is a video drone also showing the vehicles from Tesla at the Shanghai port. According to earlier information, production will top until January 1. At this time, more than half of the people in the Shanghai factory had been infected with the latest Covid virus. Hopefully those employees are feeling better.

Many of these Tesla's are likely going to families who are getting a Tesla vehicle for the first time. They'll drive their Tesla, get a feel for it, try out the features, and probably try Tesla Full Self Driving. It will be exciting to see more data come from these vehicles.

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Giga Shanghai Production

Giga Shanghai has rapidly increased production since starting about two years ago. This is impressive and there is a chance it will produce over 100,000 vehicles this month.

There is a report from Tesla China Analyst from Twitter who says that Tesla will have another record month, but some are questioning it. This Twitter user has sources he can't name, but has been pretty reliable in the past.

Unfortunately, he doesn't know how many of these will be exports, but at least some of them are as seen from the drone footage here.

My best guess here is that Tesla Giga Shanghai is producing a record number of Model Y vehicles and that this month will break all records, even with employees having to leave the factory or take time off.

Do you think Giga Shanghai will produce over 100,000 vehicles for this December?

For more information, see this video from Wu Wa:

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Image Credit, Wu Wa, Screenshot