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Tesla Takes Quality Control to the Next Level at Fremont - What They Are Doing

Tesla is implementing improved quality control measures at its Fremont factory. What these quality control measures are.


Tesla Quality Control at Fremont

Tesla is implementing an automated quality control system at its Fremont factory in California. This quality control system will monitor build quality in vehicle interiors, according to a permit filing saying Tesla is ready to install two new robots to inspect fascia quality.

One of the things that Tesla has had difficulty with over the years is the build quality of their vehicles. Whether it be panel gaps or odd creaks and sounds, Tesla's build quality has a stain on it. Even my Model 3 RWD - after about 5,500 miles, has some odd creaks and noises coming from the passenger door while driving.

Tesla has made great strides in reducing panel gaps and other quality issues, but they are still not where they need to be. Tesla is going to install robots to help with this. Also, fascia refers to a vehicle dashboard, so this likely deals with interior quality control.

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Tesla's Future of Quality Control

Tesla is continually trying to automate their processes to reduce errors and save on costs. It's a fine balance between having robots and humans do the work. Robots are better at some things, like repetitive processes, and humans are better at decision making and future thought.

There is a job description for Quality Inspection Engineer that shows the position will involve the development of purpose-build automated inspection systems. This position is in Tesla's Vision Automation Team.

This quality control will apply to the following Tesla products:

* Model 3
* Model Y
* Model S
* Model X
* Cybertruck
* Tesla Bot (Optimus Sub-Prime)

We'll wait and see if Tesla's build quality improves with this change. Do you think Tesla still has a build quality issue? What would you change about Tesla's vehicles?

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