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Tesla Investor Day Predictions: What Tesla Will Talk About

Tesla is having investor day in 2 weeks and these are the main things that will get talked about.


Investor Day Predictions Part 1

Tesla Investor Day is going to have a lot of things discussed with regard to Tesla. We think the following are going to be talked about, and we'll share what we think will be said about each.

* Tesla's most advanced production line
* Long term expansion plans
* Generation 3 platform
* Capital allocation
* Master plan part 3
* Other subjects discussed with the leadership team

Tesla's Most Advanced Production Line

When it comes to Tesla's most advanced production line, I think one of the things that will be showcased is the paint shop at Giga Berlin. Tesla has said that Giga Berlin is home to their most advanced paint system yet, and it enables multi-layer painting for depth Dimension and a hand-painted look.

If you look at Tesla's Twitter feed, you can see some stunning views of Tesla's vehicles. One of the really nice colors that you can see is a stunning black paint that makes a Tesla look like the Batmobile.

Tesla stamps 13 different body parts with 7,300 tons of force in a press line that runs at up to 16 parts per minute. I believe Tesla is going to showcase Giga Berlin.

Long Term Expansion Plans

In regard to Tesla's long-term expansion plans, there has been talk about Tesla building a gigafactory in Indonesia and in Mexico, and nobody knows where it's going to be yet. I think eventually Tesla will build a gigafactory in both of these locations, but the big question is which one is going to be announced first.

I personally think the gigafactory in Mexico is going to be built first, and here's why. The reason I think it's going to be built in Mexico first is because Mexico is closer to the US and the cars will probably be able to be built cheaper there. The last reason I think Mexico is going to be chosen is that other automakers have had success Outsourcing production there, and there's probably much more that can be learned by going there first

Generation 3 Platform

Tesla is also going to talk about their Generation 3 platform and I believe this is going to consist of two vehicles the first one is going to be a Robotaxi vehicle and the second is going to be a model to or a compact car.

The Robotaxi vehicle is going to be a vehicle without a steering wheel, without pedals and without many of the things that a normal car would have for someone that is going to drive it. The car is simply going to have a center console with options to use it and seats to sit in.

The compact vehicle is going to be a smaller version of the Model 3 it's going to be more like a Toyota Corolla, and it's going to be smaller and cost less to produce, and it is going to have a smaller battery and less range overall, but it's going to be much cheaper and affordable. That's really it, it's going to be much cheaper to produce and Tesla's going to make millions of them per year I believe.

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Capital Allocation

When it comes to Capital allocation, this means what is Tesla going to do with the 22 billion that has in its cash hoard. There are several things I think Tesla is going to do with its cash hoard, is buying back stock. Buying back stock means Tesla will spend its money to buy shares of its company Tesla, and it will then own those shares. This is done in order to create fewer amounts of shares for the marketplace to buy another, companies like apple have done this successfully.

Tesla is also going to spend their money upgrading production lines and working on producing more cars because the Demand right now is still about twice what they can produce. Tesla is not going to allocate their cup their Capital to do advertising as other people do plenty of advertising for them both through word of mouth and through commercials that other EV and other companies run.

The final things that Tesla will do with its capital is build new gigafactories build and purchase new equipment hire new employees, and work on the Tesla Humanoid Robot. The Tesla Humanoid Robot is going to get more funding I believe as it starts to show proof of concept where it can do simple tasks more easily and accurately like watering plants.

Master Plan Part 3

Tesla or should I say Elon Musk will announce master plan part 3 on investor day and I think master plan part 3 is going to focus on a few key things and here they are. The first is going to be the increased scale in the way Tesla is going to get to 20 million vehicles per year when they are at about a 1.5 million per year run rate.

If I were Elon Musk, the way I would say that I am going to get Tesla to 20 million vehicles per year would be announcing about six more gigafactories as well as several new vehicle types that will happen over the next decade. This is exactly what investors are looking for what are the new Giga factories going to be what are the new vehicle types going to be and when are they going to be built.

Elon Musk will probably talk about battery constraints and supply chain challenges, but he should think beyond that for this presentation and help people get excited about the future when there are plenty of batteries for everything to be built.

Other Subjects Discussed With Leadership

There will be other subjects discussed with the leadership team, and I think some of these will focus on Tesla's cash balance, brand awareness, advertising, the board of directors, and the future of the company without Elon Musk.

I think that is one thing that people may not be ready for and get surprised by Elon Musk talking about his eventual departure from Tesla. Of course, Elon Musk has said that this presentation is going to be about a bright future, so he may not mention that in order to keep things happy and excited

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