Tesla Has a Secret Update for the 2023 Model Y: Project Juniper
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Tesla Has a Secret Update for the 2023 Model Y: Project Juniper

We have a video that shows a secret update for the Tesla Model Y in 2023. Here's what it is.

Secret Update for Model Y In 2023: Project Juniper

There have been rumors about Tesla and according to Reuters, there is a planned revamp of the Model Y called Project Juniper. 3 people with knowledge of the matter who have not been named talked about this project and its changes.

They said the plan will include updates to the interior and the exterior of the Model Y. Besides that, there isn't much else to go on and these reports can be false, and sometimes they can be legitimate.

I think it is legitimate. At Investor Day, Tesla talked about a lot of changes that will affect Tesla's production of its vehicles. The Model Y uses Tesla's latest manufacturing techniques, such as giga castings, structural battery packs, and 4680 batteries.

There are also rumors of Project Highland, which is Tesla's revamp of the Model 3. I believe this project is real, and we should consider that Tesla is doing a major revamp of the Model Y.

Project Highland and Project Juniper are related and happening. You just have to look at the Investor Day presentation to see that Tesla is in major cost-cutting mode. You also see covered up Model 3 vehicles in the wild.

Tesla wants to reduce the complexity of the Model 3 and update the interior and exterior. It makes sense for Tesla to do because this vehicle has now existed for 6 years. It only makes sense that Tesla is going to do something similar for the Model Y in order to reduce costs. Tesla has a primary philosophy of safety and cost reduction. That is Tesla's one-two punch: safety and cost reduction.

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What Other Updates Will Happen?

What changes will the Model Y experience then? I think it will be similar to what the Model 3 is going to experience. There will be a reduction in complexity. There will be an update to hardware 4.0 and new cameras. There will be cost reduction in the exterior and interior with materials.

It's possible that Project Highland and Project Juniper are pretty much the exact same changes to each vehicle. And it's possible that the changes that Tesla is doing are going to happen to ALL their vehicles.

I could see changes to all of Tesla's production lines for every vehicle to follow the Investor Day presentation.

It won't be long before we see the latest Model Y vehicles from Giga Texas, and someone is going to make up their own theory about a new project to create interest. That also has to be considered.

I think two things are going on here. There is a revamp of Tesla's vehicles. And then there are names being given to these things by people to try and draw interest.

I see Tesla implementing the 40% cost reductions in manufacturing to all of its vehicles eventually and that involves cheaper materials, reducing complexity, getting rid of ultrasonic sensors, new camera placement, and more production of the vehicles to take advantage of economies of scale.

What do you think Project Juniper is? Is it simply the same thing Project Highland is doing? Is it the same thing Tesla is doing to all its vehicles?

For more information, see this video from The Tesla Space:

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