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Tesla Fremont Factory Is Still Upgrading: What Upgrades Are Being Done

Tesla Fremont is Tesla's first production factory, and it is still being upgraded and refined. Here are some of the improvements that are being done.


Tesla Fremont Factory Is Still Upgrading

Tesla is continuing to upgrade and refine its Fremont factory after all these years. The reason for this is that Tesla has a philosophy of continuous improvement. Let's go over what these improvements are.

The first change involves Tesla preparing for a new Model 3 design and a possible refresh of the Model Y SUV. There are also changes Tesla is making to prepare for Cybertruck battery production. Tesla is going to need to get all the batteries it can for the Cybertruck.

That gives use 3 primary changes:

* Preparing for a Model 3 design change
* A possible refresh of the Model Y long range
* Battery production for the Cybertruck

Tesla has been making many changes over the past month at Fremont to improve its production lines, tooling, and more. Tesla has submitted filings that show this. The dates of these changes are Feb. 19, Feb. 23, Feb. 24, and Mar. 2, and Mar. 3.

When Tesla does a tooling upgrade, this is to help with the build quality of its vehicles and for improving the operation of the entire factory.

Tesla has to do these upgrades or its builds and processes will get old and stale. After hundreds of thousands of vehicles are produced, upgrades are required in order for Tesla to keep up with the overwhelming demand for its vehicles.

Additional Upgrades

Tesla has also installed new ground for rollers and lifter tools on Mar. 9 and Mar. 10. These changes are after the installation of a few more manufacturing lines, which are supposedly being done to support Project Highland - Tesla's refresh of the Model 3.

Tesla has also started to improve its quality control measures at its Fremont factory in order to reduce errors on Model 3 and Model Y builds.

When Tesla first released the Model 3, it struggled with build quality and panel gaps. These have improved over the years. Part of this is due to the installation of new equipment at the Fremont factory and the development of new technology and processes, like automated quality control equipment.

Some have even spoken of a "Project Juniper", however, Tesla has not commented on this. This is supposedly the refresh of Tesla's Model Y SUV and is like the Project Highland for the Model 3.

I don't think Tesla is going to completely change the Model Y, but it will likely make improvements and refinements in the quality of the way the vehicle is built.

What do you think of Tesla's improvements in its Fremont factory? Are these good changes?

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