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Tesla Cybertruck UI Leak Shows First Display of 265 Miles Of Range Instead of Percent At Nearly Full Charge, Suggesting About 300 Miles of Range

There's a leak of the Cybertruck UI, and it shows 265 miles of range at nearly a full charge. With 9 out of 10 bars filled, this suggests about 300 miles of range. I think this is a dual motor Cybertruck.

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Tesla Cybertruck UI Leak of Range Using Miles Instead of Percent

We have a picture of the Cybertruck UI, and it shows an actual miles value instead of a percent, and the miles shown are 265 miles.

There is also a "bar" that appears to be close to full for the charge, and it looks like this may be close to 90% or more of the charge. There is 9 out of 10 bars filled out:

Cybertruck 9 out of 10 bars filled

If this is true, then whatever this variant is of the Cybertruck likely has a range between 270 and 300 miles. Since 300 miles is a nice round number, I'm going to lean toward that.

This is the first time I've seen an actual miles value in the UI for the Cybertruck. And we don't know if the percent here is 85% or 94.9% either, which I'm guessing Tesla will round up or down on. Tesla could also have each bar gradually decrease as well, as it looks like the 10th bar is mostly empty, with maybe a slight amount at the bottom of it. This could affect the final range too.

This could also be a performance variant with bigger wheels, which would give it a lower range than the Cybertruck with the most optimal range configuration and tires. There's a lot of possibilities here on the range.

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Tesla Cybertruck Range

Back when the UI of the Cybertruck was leaked, my thought was that the range was 350 miles or more, but if this UI leak holds true, it looks like I was a bit off there.

I think that Tesla is going for optimal range in its most common and least expensive vehicles moving forward, not long range, and this is in line with what Elon Musk has said about range. He said after 3 hours of driving, most people need to stop anyway to rest, stretch, or get a coffee or bite to eat.

Also, keep in mind the original promise on the Cybertruck four years ago. The dual motor Cybertruck is 300 miles of range or more, which would be in line with this.

Tesla Cybertruck Initial Specs

I don't think this is the tri motor Cybertruck, and the most likely candidate is the dual motor variant. Of course, even though I think Tesla won't produce it right away, this could be the single motor variant, and we could see a dual motor variant with around 350 miles of range.

Finally, this could also be a publicity stunt and Tesla may not be displaying the actual true range with a software lock in order to keep the real range a surprise, so anything can happen.

Stay tuned for more updates and the actual reveal of the Cybertruck range at the delivery event tomorrow!

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Do you think the Cybertruck range here is accurate at 265 miles of range? Is this a dual motor Cybertruck?

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Image Credit, Marques Brownlee, Screenshot

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