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Tesla and EVs Are Critical For More Than Just the Environment: National Security

Tesla and all EVs are an important development in the last two weeks. The faster we convert to electricity, the less oil we need.

Tesla and EVs are Critical

Tesla and EVs are important now more than ever and a matter of national security, according to Autoline Network.

The reason they are important is that they eliminate our dependence on oil, a resource that the U.S. gets from other countries. They are way more important than they were two weeks ago. Two things happened in that time that make EVs critical to national security.

Climate change has been a big reason to go to EVs. Many want carbon neutrality by 2050 and EVs are the way to get there. Hybrids and plug-in hybrids won't get us there. ICE vehicles aren't going away anytime soon. In developing countries, ICE vehicles will be in 3rd world countries because they are behind in infrastructure.

A counter-argument to this is a cheap solar vehicle that doesn't need charging - that could eliminate the need for infrastructure. I like the upcoming Aptera vehicle as a way to eliminate the need for infrastructure. An Aptera with solar panels could run almost indefinitely in a 3rd world country - or a version of it that is much smaller with solar panels that runs efficiently.

It takes about 22 years to turn the fleet over for the U.S. Vehicles produced now will be on the roads, most likely until 2045. That's a long time. Even after the sales of new ICE vehicles get banned, ICE cars will still be around.

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How Long To Get To EVs?

The Wall Street Journal reported that the fracking - the fracking boom - is coming to an end. Frackers are not getting the gushers like they were a few years ago - they've already drained their best wells. The world is going back to a world of the 1970s and 1980s. OPEC will soon supply most of the world's oil.

In about 7 or 8 years, this oil will be used up. The U.S. became a net Energy exporter over the last few decades due to fracking and getting oil. The U.S. was able to supply Europe with what it needed.

The U.S. greatly reduced its dependence on OPEC and the Middle East by fracking and becoming a master of its own destiny. The U.S. has greatly reduced the amount of coil it needs for electricity. It's down from 50% to 22% just from 10 years ago. It was replaced by cheap natural gas.

If fracking is coming to an end, then what else is there. We are going to become more dependent on OPEC without being able to get oil in the U.S. and its area. I don't think anyone wants to become dependent on OPEC. It's probably why Joe Biden favored the Willow project to drill for oil in Alaska's arctic region. The U.S. is prepared to do anything to maintain its strength in Energy production and to support its allies in Europe. This will be difficult for environmentalists who are against drilling in the arctic.

EVs just became a lot more important in the last two weeks. The sooner we have an electric fleet of vehicles, the less dependent we are on OPEC and oil reserves - either are own or anyone else's. EVs can get Energy from a variety of sources and battery types. We need all sectors of the economy to become less dependent on fossil fuels. This is where Tesla Megapack and its EVs come into play.

EVs are more important, now more than ever, along with battery energy storage. I would even argue that self-sustaining EVs are going to become important, which is why I like the Aptera with solar panels. Do you agree with this assessment?

For more information, see this video from Autoline Network:

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