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Some Stunning Views of Giga Berlin From Maye Musk

We see some stunning videos of Giga Berlin in action filmed by Maye Musk. Let's go over them.

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Stunning Views From Giga Berlin

We see some incredible video of Giga Berlin and what is going on in there from Maye Musk, Elon Musk's mom. The first is the outside building of Giga Berlin, where there are multiple painted murals.

In fact, Elon Musk gave a very special gift to Maye Musk in the form of a Cherry Red vehicle.

The first is a cybernetic looking painting with a steel ball in the middle. The second has a futuristic looking structure with a hand and a ball between its fingers. Maye Musk can also be seen driving around inside Giga Berlin in some kind of cart.

We see a couple of engineers with a robot and a large piece of a casting being moved around. Maye is being shown multiple castings and likely being told what they are being used for. Next, robots are taking the castings and moving them around.

Inside a machine, the castings are placed on a device to be transported. After that, there is a computer monitor screen with a lot of green, white, and red bars. Probably some kind of status indicator for the factory. The word PAINT can be seen on the screen.

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Additional Views of Giga Belirn

Further, into the video, many steel panels can be seen all stacked on a shelf. Later, the more finished frame of a Tesla vehicle can be seen. This looks like a Model Y - whether it's a performance or long range is undetermined.

Engineers can be seen working on the frame of the vehicle as well. There is a giant red Tesla logo on a steel box as well - possibly the Giga Press.

More workers can be seen wearing what appear to be environmental and hazard suits. Is this to work with paint or the casting die?

Maye Musk finished by signing a white board from her tour of Giga Berlin. Giga Berlin is truly a state-of-the-art factory and will continue to produce Model Y vehicles for Tesla along with eventual Model 3, Model S, and Model X vehicles.

Maye spent a lot of time touring Giga Berlin with Joe, Andre, Simon, and Elon. Many people liked the Quicksilver color, one of Tesla's new colors for the Giga Berlin Model Y.

What do you think of this video from Giga Berlin with Maye Musk touring it?

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Image Credit, Maye Musk, Screenshot

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